Update and camp prep

Unusually I have been doing what I was told and taking things easy, which is why the blog has been quiet, so it’s time for an update on where I am right now. As instructed I didn’t wear my prosthetic leg for just over 5 days while taking anti-inflammatories. Last Sunday I tried my leg on but there was no real difference, not expecting there would be as there was no improvement in general. I contacted the Rehabilitation Clinic on Monday for some advice on where to go from here. After talking to my Consultant they got back to me and told me to continue taking the anti-inflammatories but instead of referring me straight to a plastic surgeon they have decided to send me for an MRI scan first. I have a friend on the inside at Addenbrooke’s Hospital who managed to find out the date for that scan is on the 28th August. Two weeks later I have to see my Consultant and find out what the next step will be. As is the norm with the NHS this will draw out for ages and we will probably be looking at Christmas or New Year before anything gets done if it is needed, totally frustrating!

In the meantime I spoke to my Physio today for some more advice bearing in mind I am going to Annual Camp this Saturday. We have decided to stop all physio until the scan and Consultation have taken place and review after that. She told me that if there is something that would really be made a lot easier by wearing the leg then I can but other than that I should lay off it. The only other bit of advice is to be led by my body & pain level and be sensible. Now, in the past the hardest part of that sentence would have been the word sensible but these days I have to be. I have no idea what to take to Camp with me but I suppose I have to pack for every eventuality, good job then I have a big car. My role is to do the photography and I was going to get footage for a video I have wanted to put together for ages but I don’t think I will get enough of what I need. If I find the photography too difficult I will probably do Guardroom Duties again, if I am struggling with camp in general I will just come home. I don’t know what my limits are apart from the fact they are more restricted than they were a month ago. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery, mixing with the Cadets & Instructors and hopefully having a good time. How hard will camp be? Only time will tell, I am sure I will encounter many problems, challenges, and frustrations during my 10 days. I may have to find new ways of doing things, accept help where I wouldn’t before and encounter steep learning curves but above all I have to look after myself. If I have internet connection I will blog my progress, which could make for some interesting readying.


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