One night only (Part 1)

Yesterday was D Day for Annual Camp, I finished all my packing last minute .com style in the morning in time for packing into the car. Dad helped me a lot especially with packing the car, which was a good job since I was lugging a suitcase, suit carrier, small Bergen, daysack, camera backpack, tripod, wheelchair, prosthetic leg, etc. etc. I was taking Leah (friend and fellow ACF Instructor) with me to our camp, this year at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Strensall, South York’s and was seriously worried about getting all her kit in too. I made the right choice of car in the end, I definitely would have struggled with the Peugeot 3008 and would never have got everything in. When I got to Leah’s she completely put me to shame as she needed to take all her kit for staying in the field and a mini fridge which she managed to cram in a suitcase (smaller than mine), suit carrier and a large Bergen. With everything packed, and hardly any room to spare, and after a pit stop for fuel we were on our way. We did make a short stop on the way where we bought a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to enjoy at camp.

We made good time and arrived at the camp just as the truck convoy was booking in. I was shown where I was staying which was supposed to be for a disabled person. When I saw the shower area there were no grab rails, wall seat or shower chair. We found a plastic chair that I was going to try but I had my concerns about the facilities. We all went for dinner which was not bad but needed help getting up and down the high curbs in the wheelchair (because of the stabiliser setting on the Ottobock wheelchair it doesn’t  tip back as far as my Quickie wheelchair) and into the Dining Hall itself. After that we checked out Leah’s accommodation (she was in a separate building from me) then I did some door signs for the adult accommodation blocks. We finished up at about half past nine then I went back to my room to unpack. The room had no windows as it was in the middle of a building, it was sweltering. I struggled making the bed and unpacking and by eleven o’clock I was totally knackered and ready for bed. There were more issues I noticed in the shower room and this was seriously playing on my mind, would it or wouldn’t it be major problem?


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