Home alone

Yesterday was my first full day back home and by lunchtime I found myself home alone until Friday. Quite a while ago, because I was going to be at Annual Camp, Mum and Dad had booked a dog friendly log cabin in Derbyshire for a few days away. When I came back from Camp early they asked me if I wanted them to leave Cody (my Labrador) at home with me. I told them they should take him as he would love it there, he’ll have a great time with all the walks and new smells. It goes without saying that I will miss him, as I missed him at camp, but to be honest I am also really pleased to have a few days on my own and some peace and quiet. It is the first time I have been at home on my own since the amputation and it’s a good experience for me. Mum was worried that I would struggle but I am confident I can cope, bloody hell there are people who are worse off than me living on their own and manage so I should be fine.

I decided that I would make a Chicken Pasta salad, that I really enjoy and not had for ages, in bulk so it would last me a couple of days. It took me absolutely ages and I created loads of washing up but the next couple of days will be easy as a result. I have no adaptions in the Kitchen and they still haven’t lowered worktop for me, had that been done it would have been so much easier. It will be great when it eventually gets done and I will be more independent and safer using the Kitchen in the future when I am on my own. Because they have done nothing with the bungalow to help me yet I am most worried about the Kitchen and Bathroom. If there is going to be an incident it will probably happen in one of these room so I just have to be mindful of what I am doing and stay safe. I think I will take advantage of the situation and put my foot up, chillax and I may even start a little project I have been thinking about.


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  1. You have my number, phone anytime, DAFT MARE. xxxxxxxxx

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