Life begins today

It may be my 1st Birthday as an amputee but in real money I am 40 today. Apparently, so the saying goes, life begins at 40 and I would like to think that’s true. Because I was supposed to be on Annual Camp for my Birthday I was a bit worried about it, nothing to do with my age, I just wanted a couple of drinks and a quiet time. Having said I wanted a quiet Birthday I didn’t expect it to be this quiet and home alone. I’m cool with it though, I’ve had some lovely cards, will probably watch some films later and as I would have been on Annual Camp I may have a couple of glasses of quality Port to toast the day. Although my life is nothing like I envisaged it would be at this age I intend to start making the most of it.

As I put in my very first blog post ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life’ and it was, things have been so much better general health wise since the surgery. Although there are new issues with the stump, I’m a fledgling amputee and still learning/adapting I am 100% better within myself than I was. It may take an absolute age to get things done, sorted or worked out but you can see an end to things and improvements. This wasn’t the case before the amputation where I could see no end to the pain and problems, felt like I was in the body of a 70 year old and I was just existing and not living. Even though there could be further surgery in the near future at least they are dealing with it straight away, they’ll hopefully resolve the problem which will end the need for further surgery for considerable amount of time. I’m quite optimistic about the future though, and after years of life revolving around my knees, pain and surgery, I think I‘m ready for my life to begin and start to living and enjoying it.


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