A national qualification

I must apologise for the lack of blog post recently but nothing very significant has happened and I have become addicted to the Olympics, sad I know. The ‘nothing significant’ bit changed when Monday I started my two day Introduction to Enterprise course. As I am unemployed the course was offered free through TCHC and successful completion sees me gain a NCFE Level 1 Award in Exploring Enterprise Skills, which is a nationally recognised qualification.

The course was delivered by Andrew Manig (himself a successful businessman) who is the Director of the award winning manig business advice & training ltd, specialising in helping people start their own business. I was unsure on group size but their ended up being only three of us, which suited me as I prefer smaller groups. There should have been six of us but other commitments and appointments meant they could not all attend. Held in The Meadows Community Centre in Cambridge the disabled facilities were spot on, parking bays, RADAR toilet and all the rooms and building were easily accessible. There was one other female and a male on the course with me, we worked well as a group and it was interesting to hear what other people want to do and their experiences. Andrew was brilliant, he put us at ease, explained things well and answered any questions we had. He set a good pace over the two days and he has a great personality which is well suited to training. The course itself was more about seeing if your own business was still right for you, as I have no choice really I didn’t get a massive amount from it, I had to do this course though to be able to do the next one. We were lucky that because our group was so small he touched on a few bits that are in the next course, this raised a few things I had not thought about or didn’t know. I’m now able to go away and do a bit of research, I may even have to rent a premises rather than be able to do what I want to do from home. I did enjoy the two days but I am really looking forward to the next eight day course which goes into business and the different sections in much more detail. The slight down side about the next course is it will be a much larger group but the best news is that it Andrew will be delivering it again. I think I have done enough to get the qualification, in my one to one Andrew told me he is recommending that so I am really pleased. At a time when things seem to be at a standstill or going slightly backwards and even though I am a long way off launching my business this has felt like a small step forward.

2 Responses to “A national qualification”

  1. This is really excellent news Helen. Glad this went well! Will be looking forward to hearing how you get on on the next course x

    • Many thanks for your comment Emily. If I can do half as well as you have with Oarsome Potential then I will be happy, I’ll keep you updated with progress.

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