Olympic inspiration

So that’s it, the Olympics is finally over and I am having withdrawals already from my daily fix. I have never been that into it in the past but did watch parts of it and sports I liked. Not sure if it was because it was being staged in the UK, because I had the opportunity to work on my PC and watch it but I was following it all day every day when I could. As we look back at the endeavours of the athletes and see the tragedy and triumphs you can’t help but be moved and inspired by these tenacious people. Four years of their lives totally dedicated and focused on one thing, a gold medal at the Olympics. For some their hopes were dashed within seconds or minuets of taking the stage and you can’t help but feel for them. For those who medal you can see the countless emotions that they are going through and we celebrate with them as they become the best in the world. To even make it to the Olympics and be called an Olympian means they are part of a small elite group, they have already achieved something special by just being there, that makes them all winners. Team GB excelled at London 2012 and apart from the athletes the coaches & background teams should be highly praised too. Without their help and support the athletes wouldn’t have got to where they are and in all the hype we tend to forget the people behind the achievement. The volunteers, Police, Military and all the people involved in the Olympics did a fantastic job and I think we really did pull off one of, if not the best Olympics ever.

The good news is that the stage has been set for an amazing Paralympic games that starts on the 29th August. For obvious reasons I am really excited about these games and Team GB have a very good chance of a big medal haul. Although we are behind some countries when it comes to access and getting around in public places we are getting better. What we are good at is identifying sporting talent and supporting and nurturing it. We have invested in teams and equipment to help disabled athletes be the best they can be and excel, we are after all the birthplace of the Paralympics and lucky that the Country supports disabled people so well in sport. I had been talking to a friend about going to the Paralympics when I won tickets to the event, I was totally shocked but over the moon. My friend can only make one day and I would like to go with her so it may be that I go to the games more than once, that would amazing and a once, or twice, in a lifetime experience. Already the ticket sales make this the most successful Paralympics ever and I know the UK will get behind get behind Team GB once again. I have been inspired by the Olympics, more about that in my next post, so all that’s left to say is the Paralympics, bring it on!

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