Feeling under the weather

Thursday and Friday was the latest installment of the Practical Skills For Business Course. It was great to see Andrew and the Group again but I really didn’t feel with it at all. We covered Business Management and Operations on the Thursday and Costing & Pricing on the Friday, I managed to get through both days but not really sure how.

It started on Wednesday when I was back to see my GP, she thinks that my being constantly hot and sweating is more excessive than just a result of the amputation. She is concerned there is still some infection but I don’t think there is, she made me promise I to go back if it didn’t improve, hence my visit. She checked the Lymph node in my groin and although it is still there it is much smaller than it was. I have been sent for a Blood test next week then back to see her the week after for the results. I made a small faux par with my Tramadol. I forgot to ask for some more and have to wait till Monday for the prescription to be ready so have had to cut them down a bit to eek them out. Thursday afternoon started feeling rough and my stump started cramping and becoming painful. Driving home I felt a little lightheaded and the phantom pains were getting worse. By the time I got home I was a bit chilly, first time since the surgery I think. I was really cold in bed then overheating, cold, overheating, kept waking up with stump pain and it was such a pants night. Friday morning, as you can imagine, I was totally knackered but didn’t want to miss the course. I was hot and cold all day with stump pain and electric phantom pain. I sometimes get it at night but not had phantom pain like that during the day for months. I couldn’t wait for the day to end, we got away early but there must have been an accident somewhere as my roughly 45 min journey turned into an hour and a half, not impressed. Probably the weirdest thing that has happened has been over the last two nights and I don’t think I have ever felt before. As I can’t get the wheelchair in the bedroom I have to use the walking frame from the lounge to bed (banned from using crutches, officially that is) and I have wanted to use the leg that isn’t there to walk on. I have wanted to walk on and feel the leg, not sure if it is just using the socket sort of feeling or wanting to feel a real leg. It is just so bizzare and I really can’t explain it, I only get that feeling at that time, strange. I hope it doesn’t last and I hope the whole ‘feeling under the weather’ is just and blip and in a couple of days I will be fine again.

It also completely ruined my weekend as I was supposed to be doing the photography at the Junior Amputee Games, at Stoke Mandeville. Run by LimbPower it allows amputees to try many different sports over the weekend. Anyone who knows me knows how I hate letting people down but I just wouldn’t have been able to manage it. I did let Kiera know, herself and amputee, and she was really supportive. I still feel bad about it and was looking forward to meeting the LimbPower team and talking to the youngsters there. It was just one of those uncontrollable things and I am hoping that next year I will be fit enough to take part in the Amputee Games myself.


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