MRI results

I’ll start by apologising for being a bit quite the last week or so as I haven’t felt brilliant or done anything worth talking about. I must admit I have been a bit nervous in the run up to today and a little frustrated it has taken so long. My Consultant arrived at roughly the same time I did (just under half an hour early) then promptly went off to the ward. While I was waiting my friend Bob was coming out from seeing his prosthetist. He sat with us for quite a while and it was nice to catch up with him. I hadn’t seen him since the Cambs ACF (Army  Cadet Force) open day at the end of June so there was lots to talk about. An hour and a half after my appointment time I was called in, not to see my Consultant as he was still on the ward but his Registrar, who was the guy I saw last time. He asked me how it was, what I had and hadn’t been doing, any improvement and what medication I was on. I explained that if I had to say how it felt then the bone seems too close to the surface at the top of the thigh and the bone feels too loose in the stump. I got on the bed where he prodded and poked the stump which was really painful in some areas but not others. After examining it and listening to what I had said he told me about the MRI. I didn’t think there was a bursa, that was discussed previously, which the MRI confirmed to be correct. He did think from the scan there could have been a nerve problem but when he was prodding where that would have affected it I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. What it also showed was that there is friction and wear inside which coincided with what I had been saying. From all that he felt it should all be tighter and surgery was the way to go. As we were talking surgery he wanted me to see my Consultant and he left the room, shortly after he was back. My Consultant was still unavailable but he did agree with the registrar that a referral for surgery was next step. He was also quick to point out that there was no guarantee that it would solve the problem as there could be a longstanding issue that it would not help. After hearing everything and weighing it all up I have decided to accept the surgery. Unlike all my past operations, except one, it will not be done by my usual Consultant at Hinchingbrooke but by a plastic surgeon at Addenbrooke’s. I don’t mind it being done there as they have way more experience of amputees than they do at Hinchingbrooke, it will probably be the best option any way. So that’s the score, operation 15 has been confirmed. I have no idea when it will be done but I think it would be a safe bet to say it wont be that soon, I’ll keep you posted.


2 Responses to “MRI results”

  1. Ah bless you. Been through so much already. I should be in end of Oct!!!!! so if you are in then LETS CAUSE TROUBLE. One leg & a baldy. A new double act. Keep smiling. xxxxx

    • I think I would be lucky to have even seen the Plastic Surgeon by the end of October let alone get the surgery done. It’s a shame as we would have had great fun in the Hospital if we had been in there at the same time, sooooooo much fun to have been had xx

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