Business course complete

Monday and Tuesday were the last 2 days of the 8 day Practical Skills For Business Course. The topics covered were Financial Management & Financial Administration, both exceptionally heavy topics I wasn’t looking forward to but needed the most. Mmmmmm large doses of accounts, tax and vat, just what you need at the start of the week! We had two people from HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs), one covering Tax and the other VAT. They were both excellent and I surprised myself with how well I picked it all up, I was dreading it and I am useless when it comes to maths.

The TCHC (The Consultancy Home Counties Ltd) course exceeded my expectations and Andrew Manig (Manig Business Advice & Training Ltd.) was an outstanding facilitator. He added information above and beyond the TCHC content, for which I think we are all truly grateful. As I have mentioned before some of the topics are very heavy but he pitched the content so everyone in the class could pick it up. He is very patient and would not move on until he was convinced that everyone understood what he was explaining. The relaxed atmosphere helped the learning process and we were a really good group that gelled well, which also helped learning. As it was the last day yesterday one of the ladies who is starting a cake/party pack business bought us in some cupcakes and other delicious delights she had made. A few of us are in touch and helping one another out with our different skills and knowledge, which is great. It is actually a bit sad that the course has come to an end but Andrew has given us all the tools we need to succeed in our individual businesses. It’s up to us to take these tools and put them into practice to become fledgling entrepreneurs. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to attend the course, especially as my life’s going in a completely different direction as a result of the amputation. I would like to thank TCHC and Andrew for running the course, I’ve got so much out of it and found it invaluable.

So all that remains is for us to go out and take over the world. With my impending surgery I will be taking over the world slightly later than some of the other guys though. At least I can make the most of the interim time and get the majority of the legwork done (pun intended).


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