Infected again!

A couple of weeks ago Cody (my Labrador) caught the operation scar on my knee with his claw. Having had a horrendous infection in my amputated knee last year I never want to go through that again. A couple of days after the incident it was a bit red round the edges, so completely paranoid I went straight to the doctors. Another reason I was a little concerned is that other scratches etc. I have had recently have been taking a long time to heal. I didn’t see my usual GP but was prescribed 500mg Flucloxacillin for a week, which pleased me no end. Just before the week was up I was still worried about it so went back and saw my GP this time. We both thought it was healing and she thought the redness was just from the scratch and not from infection but prescribed me another week of 250mg Flucloxacillin. I was confident that this would be the end of the worry and it would heal fine, oh how wrong I was.  I finished the course of Antibiotics on Thursday lunchtime but on Wednesday morning it looked a lot worse again. I made an appointment and saw the nurse yesterday morning. She was one of the nurses who had been through it all with me last year, and like me, she couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing. It was much worse now with a big hard red patch around the scab and it had tracked down to an arthroscopy hole. Luckily (probably the only bit of luck I could find) my GP was the duty Doctor and the nurse called her in. If it starts tracking down or up the leg or I develop a temperature then I have been told to contact a duty GP or A&E as soon as possible. I have now been prescribed 500mg Flucloxacillin and 250mg of Penicillin VX, which tackles a different bacteria group. I am booked in to see my GP again on Wednesday and if there is no marked improvement she will refer me to a consultant. It could be that I am admitted again for intravenous antibiotics. Obviously this is all the last thing I want but if we can jump on it quick and hard then I am sure we can resolve this quickly, so I am hoping for industrial strength antibiotics. You couldn’t write this stuff and the last thing I need is a problem with my other leg. It has become a bit painful now and it is a pain that I never expected to feel again. I’m sure I could be worrying about nothing and they will get it sorted quickly but if I had to describe how I feel in one word, it would be scared.


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  1. Praying it”s cleared up soon my lovely x. Thoughts are with you!

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