The first fall in ages

Only the other day I was thinking to myself how well I had done in not having a fall for ages now. Patting myself on the back thinking I hadn’t done anything stupid and been balancing a tads better. It now appears that was probably the worst thought I could have had, talk about jinx yourself. Yesterday evening I went to Waterbeach, to our Cadet Training Centre, and gave Leah (another Adult instructor) a lift over too. I shot out mid way through the evening to pop in on another friend in Cambridge, then back to the Training Centre to pick up Leah. The evening went better than expected, I dropped Leah off at home then lastly arrived home myself.

Everything went as normal, got my crutches from behind the front seat and went to the back of the car to get the wheelchair out. I lifted up the boot door and stood my crutches at an angle against the boot to my left. I leaned in and dragged the wheelchair (the fixed one) to the edge, grabbed a wheel each side and the prepared to lift it out. I always take a bit of time here as I suppose it could be classed as a dodgy move so like to get balanced and ready. I took the strain, lifted it, pulled it out and twisted with it to my right to put it down. It was at this point when it all went wrong and I could feel myself loosing my balance. When I could feel I was at the point where no recovery was possible I dropped the wheelchair as I was falling backward, just like when you see a tree fall over really.

My stump came down on the crutches and I hit my lower back too. My leg had got a bit wedged under the wheelchair, not sure how, but that felt fine. I reached into my pocket to get my phone out and unlocked it. I was just about to call Dad when I heard the front door open and could hear him coming my way. I can’t remember what was said but we did start talking as he made his way by the gate. It must have seemed odd to him as he could hear me but not see me, I was hidden from his view by the wheelchair. He told me I should have called him but I usually get myself and the wheelchair out of the car with no problems. Thankfully there was no major injuries sustained just a poorly stump and back, I was lucky as it could have been a lot worse. Had I not dropped the wheelchair when I did I could have ended up with it sitting on me instead of the other way around! I have already decided that I am going to try and break my latest record before I end up falling over again!

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