The Wet Room is finished!

Last Monday, a year a nine days after my amputation, they finally started work on the Wet Room. With a total of 6 people (doing various different bits for different lengths of time) and a few delays on parts they got it completed on Friday. We did have to call them out late Friday afternoon as the floor fitter couldn’t get the toilet back correctly and we had a tiny leak. We are waiting for the window blind to come in but that is no issue really. As for the contractors, well lets just say that we wouldn’t use them for a private job. They are all sub contractors and pretty much on peace work so they just want to get in, get the job done and then move to the next one. It all works though and is functional so that’s really all the matters. The only faux pas of the whole fitting being the electrician putting the light above the sink so high that I can’t reach it to turn it on while sitting in the wheelchair. We did say we were going to fit a mirror that would be low enough to use while in the wheelchair and high enough for someone standing, but we don’t envisage any giants coming to stay! There was a bit of a revelation made though, as the electrician was challenging the wall for the cables we found out they are made with breezeblocks and not hollow as everyone, including the surveyor, thought. This means we may be able to get some wall-mounted rails for the toilet and get rid of the toilet frame. The shower is really simple to use, press the button to turn it on and press it again to turn it off. You can press another button to switch from high to low water flow and there is a dial to change the temperature. The only thing is that the water is not that strong coming out, even on the high setting. The water pressure should be OK but it is probably not a power shower, which is why the water doesn’t feel that strong. So the last thing is the shower wheelchair, which is affectionately known in this house at the chariot. It gets that name as it’s so big, basically one supersize fits all. It does have armrests but I have taken them off and it could also be used as a commode if you put the pan in, as I only need it for showers we have ditched the pan too. I found it really painful on my stump when I had a shower last night. This could be because of the issue with the stump or it could be the chair itself. The hole in the middle feels so big that you think you are about to fall through it at any time. I will persevere with it for a while and see how it goes, it may just be a certain sitting position is required to stop the pain. It will take a few showers to work out the most efficient way of doing things but that’s the same trying anything new. I have to admit that even with the little niggles it was lovely to have a shower again. Even though I had used the bath chair at times the back was so high and upright I found it really restricting and difficult. It’s amazing how much you miss some things and a decent shower was definitely the one for me. All in all I have to give the whole thing a 7 out of 10, some of the little things we can rectify ourselves for a 8 out of 10. I’m so pleased with it and that was really the last thing to be done, now if I can just get the decision on the ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) sorted my life will be complete.

I used a wide-angle lens to take the photos, although the completed room looks quite dark in the pictures it is actually a lot brighter than it was before.

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  1. Hi, we’re just about to have our shower room made into a wet-room. Chris had his below knee amputation on Sept 30th 2011, then above the knee when that one failed, on December 9th. Work starts on Thurs 6th Dec, so just about a year. It’s awful that anybody has to wait that long, but hey ho, that’s the way it goes I suppose. Our bathroom is tiny, he can’t get his wheelchair through the door, so his loo has been a commode in the bedroom, and his bath has been the kitchen sink. We’ll be having the flush floor fitted, a corner handbasin and new shower, with a wall-mounted shower chair, new loo and the door widened. Currently we have our combi boiler in the bathroom (if you could see how tiny this flat is there was nowhere else to put it), but now it is going in the bedroom, which means I gain an airing cupboard! Thanks for this blog, and for leaving the link on our facebook group WalkOn Crafters. Chris is over the moon that a) it gets read and b)he’s not alone. The very reason we started the group over there is that, first off, in the hospital, Chris only had moaners for company, but in rehab after, he was with others in that same position. Now he has little or no contact with other amputees that KNOW what he means by ‘stump issues’ and other issues surrounding the amputation and recovery, and living with it.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Teresa. My aim is for this blog and the Facebook Page to be more interactive, with amputees sharing information and experience. There are a couple of good groups on Facebook too, one being LimbPower, which is aimed at getting amputees into sport, and the other Limbcare. I had been having mainly strip washes before my wet room got completed but luckily I was able to use the toilet. Apparently they don’t class washing as a priority, even though it is a basic function and they bang on about infection, which is why it takes so long to get the work done. I hope every thing goes well and they get the job done quickly for you. Please let me know how you get on with it. I hope that Chris can take something away from this blog, even if it’s just that he is not alone, and I hope your Facebook Page continues to gain followers.

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