Wet Room overhaul

Last week I was visited by the liaison from Care and Repair (the company working between the council and the property maintenance contractor) and a guy from the PM (Property Maintenance) company that installed the Wet Room. The PM guy was young and spotted some problems but the older chap from Care and Repair noticed a lot more. Wednesday a builder from PM came out to see what supplies he needed as he would be here on Thursday to rectify the issues. It was when he came round that my Dad also mentioned that the shower tray was not flush in the floor but raised. This is a problem for puddles and the flooring as it could crack. The builder spoke to his boss and on Thursday he came to rectify the issues.

Because of the shower tray problem they had to get a floor fitter out again to peel back some of the floor so they could sort the edges of the tray. Other jobs the builder had to do were lower the light above the sink, replace tiles where the light was, straighten the toilet, fix the capping where the bidet was, seal some areas, reseal other areas, paint the exposed pipes, remove text on another pipe (which should have been put on with the writing hidden, grout a couple of tiles, remove a load of filler and tile the gap, replace the ends of the boxed bits round the toilet and bidet, move the shower curtain in as it was 4 inches outside the tray area and change the shower curtain as there was a hole in the one we had. I think that’s about it, if the other guys had taken more care and done it right in the first place we wouldn’t have needed anything putting right.

The builder told us that if he had done the job (which we and he thought was going to happen) he would have hidden the pipework in the walls or under the floor and would never have left it in that condition. He said that he’d been to other places where he has had to put a few things right but he’s never had to do as much as that before, he was disgusted by the finish. It was good that a professional like him thought it was bad and not just us being picky. The only downside to the repairs is where I only had one join in the floor I now have a big patch join, which makes it look like the pavement repair. He did an outstanding job correcting all the faults though, it looks like a more professional finish now. I did think about naming and shaming the contractors but didn’t think that very fair in the end. Also if you were lucky enough to get the builder from Thursday you would get an excellent quality job done. It’s all done and dusted now and apart from the floor it looks miles better. It has such a positive impact on daily life and I’m so pleased it’s finally done.


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