Positive formality

I have been feeling really unwell for the past week. In bed nearly all day Sunday and most of Monday, felt a bit better Tuesday only to be struck down again on Wednesday. Had an upset stomach and been feeling sick, don’t know why but I have just increased two lots of pills to maximum dosage so it could be that. I hope I hurry up and get used to them and start feeling better again as I still don’t feel 100% now. The only positive to this is I’ve lost about 6lbs, even though it doesn’t feel like I have.

On Thursday I had to go to the Job Centre to see my Disability Adviser. Because I got my ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) I had to see her to talk about the options and help available to me, which is a formality of receiving the benefit. It was a shorter meeting than it should have been as I had been working with her while I was receiving JSA (Job Seekers Allowance).

There were some positive outcomes from the meeting, which on a freezing day and feeling under the weather made the trip seem more worthwhile. The guy I want to do the course with has been contacted, as soon as he registers the rest of the paperwork can be processed and I can get started. I have to attend the Work Programme but she can defer my start for 90 days, which she has done because of the course and the surgery. She can defer it again if we need to but at some point I have to start the scheme. That’s fine by me though as I get 2 years of support and they can help and advise me in starting up the business. There is another scheme called Work Choice I can go on which is for a shorter time, it has different advantages so I will think about which one will be best. I asked about Work Trials, which I am eligible for but the trial has to be at a company that has an existing position, if you meet their requirements they have to hire you. This is sort of giving the company a better idea of your abilities over and above the interview. If I want to try a company and they want to see what I am capable of she did say there might be ways round it to make it happen. I am going to ask her about Volunteering and if you can volunteer with a company, or if it is just with charities or organisations like the Army Cadet Force. This could allow me to build up some valuable skills and get a feel for some other job opportunities. It is very hard when you know you will be going in for surgery in a few months, a company would not want to commit to that. That said I was employed by a small company to do web design (all be it for 19 days before I was made redundant as they had business problems) and I was up front with them about surgery and that I was willing to work from home. Because I was willing to work around my problems they were happy to work with me too, so there are some small opportunities out there. It was all quite positive and I have to make sure that if any small opportunities should happen to come my way I grab them with both hands.

DWP Work Programme

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