Operation No.2

Yesterday morning I was totally hanging after a horrendous night with two of the ladies in the bay feeding off of one another. I know we all have different levels of pain tolerance, I appreciate how confused and scared people with dementia can be and they sleep most of the day so awake at night but by 03:00 you have to dig really, really deeply for even the remotest amount of patience and tolerance. I’d been Nil by Mouth since midnight again and looking forward to the surgery just to get a bit of sleep, even if it is false sleep. The plan was to check the wound and if it was OK it would be closed up, if the consultant had any doubt at all he told me he would leave it open and I would go back to theatre on Saturday. I was due down mid morning but got a message to say that an emergency had come in but it should be done at sometime that day. As it was I went down about mid day and back on the ward by about 14:30. They took the wick and the packing out but he wasn’t completely happy with it so left about an inch to an inch and a half open. He is pretty confident that it will be closed on Saturday which is top news and I hope to be home Monday.

A new lady came into the bay yesterday morning, nearer my age and really nice so at least that is two sane people I have to talk too now. Last night they moved one of the women up by the nursing station in the hope we might get a better night. With only the one lady everything did eventually settle down at about 03:30 so I did manage to get a couple of hours sleep in the end. There’s a different Consultant doing the operation tomorrow but is one of my top three so I am very happy with that. The thing that seems to be progressing the most is the size of the bandage, every time I come out of theatre it seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I’m finding it hard work mentally today (thinking and remembering) but that will just be from the anaesthetic and lack of sleep. I’m lucky that I can be partial weight bearing through the leg and the pain is tolerable in the knee. I feel a bit leg less none the less and everything is harder and takes more time, I have total respect for double amputees and especially those who can’t use prosthetics and are wheelchair bound. Bizarrely I found that the stump was more painful after the operation and had more regular cramps and spasms for the rest of the day and night. It seems a bit better this morning and I’m just going to chill today and think positively for closure tomorrow.


Knee 03-01-13

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