Yesterday evening, after visiting Nan, Mum and Dad popped in to see me on their way home. It was nice to see them and they brought me in a few bits and pieces I needed. They didn’t stop too long as Cody (my Labrador) had been left on his own for a long while and he’s not used to it. I miss him a lot, apparently he lays by the door waiting for me to come in the kitchen in the mornings, I’m soon forgotten about when it comes to walks and meals no doubt.

Last night I managed to get a bit of sleep, a combination of being totally knackered and one of the women quieter than usual as she had had surgery. Nil by mouth from midnight and ready for what would hopefully be closure today. I was on the emergency list, as I have been each time, so there could still be the chance the I would go down late in the day. I got up early for a wash and got the gown on ready in case they wanted to sneak me in early again. The Consultant popped his head in, introduced himself (we have met before through and he remembered that too) and asked me if I knew I had been cancelled till tomorrow. I told him that I didn’t know but thanked him for the update and he was gone. A little gutted and I hope it doesn’t delay me getting out of he by much, it may even work in my favour if it helps get the infection out of the wound. I don’t mind but you just wish you get told earlier, that’s the down side of being emergency though and I suppose I have been quite lucky so far. Thankfully breakfast had just arrived so I managed to get something to eat and drink.

It’s all kicked off in the bay this morning totally andypandymonium. The woman who had the surgery came round but the anaesthetic had made her even more confused. She was doing some kind of undercover work because of some major conspiracy going on, listening too and giving information over the imaginary radio. She through water at the nurse this morning and has been more aggressive than before. She’s had the confused woman next to her in tears numerous times but again they have been feeding off one another, arguing and shouting. Thankfully the staff have had about as much as they can take too, the most confused lady has been moved to another bay closer to the nurses station permanently. The nice older lady has had her table and chair moved down by us to get away from the lady that is left. We closed the curtains as well but she just won’t give up and we are just working out between us who is going to jump first. BREAKING NEWS – we have just been told that the lady is going home this afternoon! We’re rejoicing in the corner and hopping for at least one peaceful evening and night before we get someone else brought in with us. Fingers crossed I get down to theatre tomorrow and make a giant leap towards going home.

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