Happy at home

Even though I have been in hospital for the past 7 days, last night I couldn’t wait to go to bed. That nice soft bed, with cosy duvet and a soft comfy pillow that doesn’t sink in the middle leaving your head in a rut. Of course said bed was also in a nice dark, quiet room and it was shear bliss. It took me quite a while to get to sleep but once I did managed to nod off I slept nearly all the way through till morning.

This afternoon the district nurse arrived, which I was really pleased about as the bandage was dropping down a bit already. She cut the bandage off then removed the Opsite (waterproof dressing), which came off cleanly and easily. Even though the scar looks like it was cut by someone suffering withdrawal symptoms it’s healing well, clean and dry. I was surprised at how long the incision was, considering how small the abscess was, but I suppose it had to be to help ensure they got it all out and give it the best chance of completely healing. The Nurse applied just an Opsite after and told me to go to the surgery on Friday to get it looked at again. It was brilliant to get the bandage off the whole knee was better and I could bend it much more. Even better was the fact that I managed to have a shower and felt fresh and human again. The bruising has come out on my arm now, a present from the anaesthetist I would rather not have received. I was thinking about that and I just hope that no one had their first experience of surgery with her, you seriously wouldn’t want to go through it again. Just one person in the whole chain of care can have a massive impact on your whole experience. Even the recovery staff where complaining about her, as far as I’m concerned with the attitude she had and the distinct impression she didn’t want to be there, I suggest she has a career change! Now the knee is free, able to bend and more mobile I’ll have to be careful not to over do it. Today has been really good and although only a few small things have happened, when you go through things like this, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.


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