Third time lucky

Yesterday was a long, long day with as much crossed as possible that I managed to make it to Theatre. The Consultant came round early to see me and although he had previously told me he would try and get me in in the morning, you could tell that may be unrealistic. I told him that I understood and it would just be at any time provided no more emergencies came in. Surprisingly yesterday was my worst day in Hospital, I was tired, didn’t feel brilliant and didn’t feel like reading or drawing. Lunchtime was torture, Sunday and roast pork, it smelt bloody lovely and they were all saying how nice it was. Shortly after lunch I was drooling again as they brought the menus round for us to fill in. 15:40 the anaesthetist arrived and told me that provided everything went to plan I would be taken down in about an hours time. She wasn’t far off time wise and with a short wait in theatre reception it was not long before I was in the Anaesthetic room. Because the cannula in the crease of my right arm had been in since New Years Eve they were going to put in a new one. Before she put me to sleep the anaesthetist tried to get a new cannula in my left forearm but didn’t get it in properly, they used the old one to put me to sleep and would sort it out in theatre. I specifically asked if she could put the new one in the crease of the left arm, and not in my hand or wrist, as it’s better for using the wheelchair. She rolled her eyes and you could see she didn’t really want to do that. This was the worst op of the week, in recovery I had more pain in the knee than any other time and for some reason loads of pain in my wrist. Back on the ward the wrist pain was identified, the anaesthetist had put the new cannula in the worst place and angle ever. I couldn’t use the wrist or propel the wheelchair, to go to the toilet so had to be pushed by a nurse. She had also tried in another location and not managed to get it in so I have three holes and bruises in my left wrist/arm. The old cannula was also left in my right arm so I suppose she couldn’t be bothered to take that out either. Because I only had one more intravenous injection to go the nurse did that and then took both cannula’s out. It took me longer to come round from the anaesthetic this time and I’m sure the anaesthetist is the reason it was the worst op I had.

On a more positive note I had a good night and the Consultant was round bright and early to see me this morning. He said he’d washed it out again and it all looked clean now, the wound was closed up and I could go home today on oral antibiotics. The dressing can come down with the district nurse tomorrow and part of the stitching needs to come out in 14 days time. The downside is I was told that now I have had an infection/abscess in the knee I could be prone to more. I have been told to come to A&E at anytime in the future if I see or feel something developing, the priority is getting things sorted quickly because of the half replacement in the knee and an infection developing into the joint. Bit disappointed about that as I thought now it was sorted there would be no chance of it happening again. I’ll just be conscious of it, aware but put it to the back of my mind and try and remain positive there will be no further infections. Who would believe that a tiny abscess like that would land me in hospital for 7 days, and three operations in one week, that’s a record even for me!


Knee 07-01-13

2 Responses to “Third time lucky”

  1. Glad to hear that the operation was a success and that you should be back at home by now. I hope you have had something lovely to eat too! And I hope your Nan is on the mend too x

    • Thank you very much Lindsey. I did get home late yesterday evening which was brilliant. It was great to see Cody and I think he was pleased to see me too. We had an Indian last night as we had all missed lunch and it was scrummy. Nan is making progress so after a couple of bad weeks things are slowly getting better again. As long as we’re moving along in a positive direction then I am more than happy. I hope the New Year is being good to you, take care.

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