Pre Op Assessment

I have been across to Addenbrooke’s Hospital this afternoon for my Pre Op Assessment. The letter I received said that the Assessment could take up to 2hrs, which I thought was excessive, unless that included waiting room time where they were running late. Dad drove me over there as I’ve been having a lot of stump pain over the last few days. The letter said I had to go to the Plastic Surgery Unit on Level 3, which I though was Clinic 7 where I went before. We got to clinic 7 with time to spare only to be told it was a different unit in the new build, which was right over the other side of the Hospital. In a mad dash with 1 min to spare we got there and booked in. After only waiting about 5 mins I was called in and went through all the usual questions you get asked before surgery. I then had my blood pressure and temperature taken, finishing off with the 3 swabs for MRSA testing. In Hinchingbrooke I would have been weighed as well and then be free to go, not in Addenbrooke’s it would seem. I was then told I had to go for blood tests, ECG and photography. I told the nurse that I had been to photography when I was in clinic last, after disappearing for a short time she told me that I was able to skip the photography. By this time my Dad had already gone for a coffee, with phone signals temperamental I shot down to the concourse (about the middle of the Hospital) to see if I could find him. After not too much hunting I found him and we were off on Level 2, further along corridor than where I had just come from. With three people in front of me the blood tests were over and done with in no time. For the last part of the tour we had to go back over the other side of the Hospital for the ECG. The guy who called me in said there were two students with him and asked if I minded them being there, I was fine with that. He then asked me if I would be OK with one of the students doing the procedure, I was fine with that too. The blood test and ECG are standard procedure at Addenbrooke’s for all patients having surgery. I have never had an ECG before any of my surgery in Hinchingbrooke and only had blood tests a couple of times. We did quite well though and because I was able to skip photography we were on our way home in about an hour and a quarter from my appointment time. Just goes to show how different Hospitals work differently, now I understand why the letter said the appointment could take up to 2hrs.


Addenbrooke's Hospital Sign

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