A big decision to make

Sunday 24th February

I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that while they were doing all the tests they also took another set of MRSA swabs for testing. I have also forgotten to mention that I went in on Tramadol, after the surgery they stopped the Tramadol and started me on Oxycontin with Oramorph for breakthrough pain relief, which I could have every 3 hours.

In the morning I asked for a slice of toast for breakfast but yet again felt unable to eat it, also I still couldn’t sit up without feeling lightheaded and sweating. I managed to do most of my bed wash myself just needing the nurse to help with my back. She needed to help me change my set of Pyjamas (boxer type shorts and t-shirt) because of getting the drain and catheter through the leg holes. A person from the plastic’s team came to see and told me that my white cells were back to normal but there was something else they wanted to check. She said I didn’t seem particularly ill but they would do the test anyway just to be on the safe side. I apologised to the two ladies in the bay for the disturbance last night, the young lady in the bed next to be said that it was OK. The woman diagonally opposite me can’t of heard the apology and for the rest of the day took delight in telling everyone what a bad night she’d had, from all the commotion going on and about 30 people rushing into the bay. She even said that to the lady in the bed next to me, thank god she went home that evening, as did the lady next to me. Mid morning they brought in a lady opposite me who was very nice and a support worker. I just spent the morning trying to rest and not focus on the pain in my stump, which wasn’t easy at all. The ward house keeper came round and asked us all what we wanted for lunch, I really didn’t want anything but knew I had to eat so I ordered the Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding, Carrots, Roast potatoes and Gravy. Later they came round with the meals and got to the woman opposite, he said they had run out of Carrots, would she like extra Brussels so she said yes. When her plate arrived there was a Yorkshire Pudding missing too, she asked about that and the Guy said he had run out of those as well, She ended up having a side salad in place of it. He got to me and I said I didn’t like Brussels so I ended up with extra Beef, Roast potatoes, mash potatoes and Gravy. The guy came back, put it on my table and left, he didn’t ask if I needed any help or anything. I could only sit up as high as leaning on my elbow. The very kind lady opposite offered to cut up my dinner for me, which she did. I thanked her but she was still fuming from the lack of food as she was starving. We were saying what is the point of coming around asking what you want and then when they get to you, you can’t have it. We were told that they had started up the other end this time but would start this end next time. We said that that was great for us but just means that someone else doesn’t get their meal next time, another system that doesn’t work. I really didn’t want the dinner but managed to eat what was there, I just slipped back into the routine of laying there in pain and asking for breakthrough medication every three hours. The only time this changed was when Mum and Dad came in to visit which was a break and it was good to see them. In the evening and when the night staff had come on the doctor told me that my haemoglobin levels were low at 8 and were on their threshold for a blood transfusion. The first thought that came into my head when I heard this was that I wouldn’t be able to be a blood donor any more. When I mentioned this to the doctor she said she thought I could. They couldn’t understand why the levels were so low as the amount of fluid in the drain and bruising I had, although bad, didn’t quantify the levels being so low. As it was the same Doctor on from the night before I joked that it was probably from the amount she spilt on the bed putting the cannula in. Thankfully she had a sense of humour and laughed at that, she then went off to get the blood sorted. They did say that it was probably best as I didn’t feel very well and most people feel much better after the transfusion. As soon as she left I whipped out my phone and was on the Internet looking at the Give Blood website. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to give blood if I have a transfusion and sure enough I found what I was looking for, it said:-

You should not give blood if:-

You have received blood or think you may have received blood during the course of any medical treatment or procedure anywhere in the world since 1st January 1980.

I lay there and thought about it for a while and spoke to a nurse who then got the doctor back. I said that as I was on the threshold and my blood pressure was a little better now could I leave it and have another blood test the next day. If my haemoglobin levels had then dropped even further I would agree to the transfusion, as my health would then be more important than donating blood. She could understand where I was coming from and agreed that we could wait another 24hrs to see how things went. I lay there thinking just how much more could go wrong, I have never passed out before, never had any issue with my blood pressure before, or had any of the problems I was having now after any of the surgery I’d had before. It felt like Russian roulette and this was my bullet, all the problems it could throw at me, I was getting them all now in one big hit. They didn’t seem to know why my levels were so low and there seemed no interest in finding out why. I had never had to make a decision like this before, I didn’t feel that bad to need a transfusion so didn’t feel I wanted it if I would be unable to donate in the future. I was in pain, feeling low, tired, confused and couldn’t get my head around why so many things seemed to be wrong. All I knew was this was going to be yet another long night.

Big Decision

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