No Choice left

Monday 25th February

Monday morning and normally you get everyone wanting a piece of you, especially your Consultant, but as he said on Saturday evening he would not be in today. Yet again I get a different person from the plastics team so even this wasn’t consistent. I had mentioned to the plastic person the day before that my Consultant wanted compression on the stump but nothing had happened. I mentioned it to this plastic person that my Consultant had wanted compression on the stump but I didn’t get a reply or reaction. They told me the plan for the day was to get the drain out, pain team to come and see me and get more bloods taken. They did mention my Consultant had had me down for discharge today.

I asked for some toast again for breakfast and actually managed to eat it, although more out of necessity than want, as with the rest of the meals of the day. Just after that the lady came round to take more blood and then it was wash and sheet change time. All I could think about was the pain team and couldn’t wait for them to get round and see me, I’d been waiting all weekend for them. My friend Ro came in and brought me some chocolate orange goodies. She knew I was a bit partial and obviously being oranges they are completely healthy. As I’d mentioned an issue of not being able to stop once I’d opened one, she has tried to curb my eating by buying packets of smaller portion, as if that’s going to work! You can tell how bad I felt by the fact that I didn’t look, let alone touch them while I was in Hospital. I’d mentioned to Ro what was supposed to be being done but I’d only had the bloods taken, when she left me she off to work her magic again. A while later a sister came to see me saying they couldn’t remove the drain as there was still over 100ml in 24hrs going in, it would stay in until at least the next day. As for the pain management team I was told they were short staffed with only two of them on, the soonest they could come and see me was Wednesday. Ah my heart sank at this point, as that meant no relief for another two days, I was totally gutted. Mum and Dad visited as usual and in the early evening I had a visit from Leah, another friend who works at the Hospital. I hadn’t seen her for ages and it was great to see her and catch up a bit.

With nothing else very eventful happening the day staff turned into the night staff. Thankfully the nice nurse who I had chatted to about the transfusion the night before was on again. The blood results had come in and the haemoglobin level had dropped even further to 7.4. They wanted to do the transfusion but I was more concerned about what was causing the low levels. The nurse told me she would get the doctor to come and talk to me. Not the doctor I’d had the last couple of nights, this was a plastics guy who I had never seen before (surprise, surprise) who told me that it was just a result of the surgery. He told me that they recommended the transfusion last night at the level it was, now that it had dipped even further they really wanted me to agree to have it done. I sat there for a short moment and thought they wouldn’t be pushing me to have it done unless it was absolutely necessary. I had said yesterday that if it went any lower I would agree to it, it was my health I had to look after now, so I said I would have it done. The decision was harder for me as my blood group is O-, which is the universal giver, meaning my blood can be given to any other blood group and they are always short of it. The downside of being O- is that you can only be given O- blood. They went away to see if what was prepared yesterday was still available so they could start it that night, if not they would have to arrange some more and start tomorrow. I was now beating myself up that I could have wasted some much needed blood now, as I wasn’t aware it was ready when I said no, thankfully it was still available. They don’t like to give a transfusion overnight if they can help it so you can start a unit running before midnight but then you can’t have the next one till 06:00, if you miss the midnight deadline you start it all in the morning. They managed to get the first unit to the ward at 23:45 so they started running it straight away.

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