Signs of improvement

Friday 1st March

The most exciting thing about Thursday 28th February was the physio coming round. She still wouldn’t use the stump sock on as the drain was still in. She did advise that I lay completely flat for short periods of the day to stretch the stump out. The only other action was the pain team reviewed me again and increased the dose of Gabapentin. The nurses couldn’t get an accurate figure of how much was in the drain as they were all using a different system to work it out. The person from the plastic team told them a method to stick too, what we did know was that I’d lost 300+ mls into the drain. The only good news was that my blood pressure seemed to be fluctuating now between low and normal, so there was some small progress. I did wonder at one point if their Blood Pressure Monitor was working correctly, my BP went up to 141 at one point, then the next reading later in the day was down to 117.

1st March, and I had bloods taken early in the morning, which I was really pleased about as I wanted to make sure the Haemoglobin levels hadn’t dipped. I probably wouldn’t get the results till later in the day so fingers crossed all was well. Mum and Dad didn’t come in today, in fact I made them take Friday and Saturday off, there was no need for them to come every day and it’s so expensive. It was my best friends Birthday so I made sure I text her and sent my best wishes. Late in the evening I had the dressing taken right down. I knew there was no clips/staples in the wound this time but I couldn’t believe how well healed it looked already, that’s the difference between Orthopaedic and Plastic’s for you. There was certainly more coming out of the drain than the wound that’s for sure, better than yesterday though, I was down to 191mls which is an improvement and certainly going the right direction. The pain was becoming easier at rest but still not great when trying to move the stump. I knew I would be in till Monday as both the Pain Team and Physio said they would see me then, escape date still hinged on the drain though. The best news of the day was that the Haemoglobin results were in and now at 11, things were starting to look better.

2 Responses to “Signs of improvement”

  1. It is great to see that you are posting again. I only hope it gets better. Hang in there.

    • Thank you very much. There should be some more posts going up later and I may even get up to date by tonight. I certainly am going to hang in there even if it has been the worst experience, surgery wise, so far. Thank you for following the blog and your support :)

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