Not a great idea

Saturday 2nd March

A lady from the plastic team came round early and said we were still waiting on the drain, no change there then. I’d had about 3hrs sleep again and was just totally knackered, I asked her if it would be OK to just rest and try to sleep. She was quite happy with that and then disappeared out the bay. I couldn’t tell you how great it was to hear that and was more than ready to settle down and get some rest. My dream was completely shattered by just one Nurse who had, what she thought, was a great idea and would make me feel much better, a shower. She told me she would do everything, she just had a few other people to help then I would have her undivided attention. When you’ve had as much surgery as I have you know what will be good for you and what wont, this was not going to be a good experience. I have to admit that I really dislike people who wont help themselves, I thought that may be if I didn’t have this shower then possibly I would be no better than them. I was dreading it but decided I should man up and face the challenge.

After a while she was back with her black and white leopard skin Wellington Boots on, that one of her patients had bought her. She was wheeling a commode style waterproof chair. I took it steady, as it was my first time out of bed, of course I was dragging the drain and catheter with me. I couldn’t sit upright so I was slouching in the chair, this meant no support under the stump, so I had to hold that up while we headed to the shower. She’d already taken my wash bag and some hospital towels in and a fresh set of my pyjamas (boxer style loose shorts and t-shirt). She hosed me down then washed my hair, with the power she put into it I thought she was going to rub my hair out, while I was holding my stump and the showerhead. Hose down again and between us we washed me while juggling the stump, shower gel, showerhead and anything else that fell in the mix. As bad as it sounds the only highlight of the whole experience for me came when the Nurse somehow managed to fill her boot with water. I say that but I have to admit the feeling of the lovely warm water running over my body did feel really refreshing. Needles to say though the whole experience was epic, exceptionally painful and I just slumped on the bed when we got back to it. You can’t imagine how something so simple can become such a challenge, far from making me feel better I was just even more wrecked than I was before!

Best laid plans and all that, by the time the shower episode was over it was lunchtime. In the afternoon I had a visit from Bob, a friend and fellow amputee, and his wonderful wife Georgina. As with most people I hadn’t seen them in ages and it was really good to see them both. I new they were coming so I didn’t try to get any sleep after lunch, they came mid afternoon and left not too long before tea. Yet again I did very little but didn’t get any of the rest I wanted or needed, not that I would have wanted to miss the visit. Of course it was even worse now as I was in more pain again from the mornings events. As sad as this may sound probably the worse aspect of the day was the fact it was Cody’s (my Labrador) 2nd Birthday and I couldn’t be there with him.

Bad Idea

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