Time to try the stump sock

Sunday 3rd March

After an exceptionally disappointing day rest wise yesterday, it didn’t get any better over night. I only managed to get about 3hrs sleep during the night so was still totally knackered. I’d been able to lay on my left side for some time now with no major problems. In order to lie on my right side I had to have a pillow between my legs to rest the stump on. I certainly hadn’t felt it but in the morning my stump was in a pool of blood that had collected on the pillow. It turned out I’d been leaking out of the drain site again so a nurse changed the dressing for me. The lady from the plastic team came round to see me and told me there was only 35mls in the drain yesterday. They would normally take it out now but because of all the problems I’d been having they wanted to see what it was like at midday. She also mentioned seeing if we could get the stump sock on or if it was still not an option. Had a good wash in the bed, which was easier and less painful than another trip to the shower. I was still finding it hard to keep awake or alert enough to do very much and certainly not able to do the blog still.

After lunch the nurse checked the drain, where thankfully hardly any had come out. There was another small leak at the drain site and also some redness around the area. A nurse changed the dressing for me yet again before we attempted to get the stump sock on. The stump socks I get are Ottobock, which is a German company. Just before I finished physio last year and I was getting new stump socks I noticed a difference in the new ones I was given. The ones I’d been using were made in Germany, they stretched quite quickly which reduced the compression effectiveness and the Velcro didn’t last that long either. The newer ones I was given were made in Italy and they were miles better. They kept their compression forever, the Velcro stayed intact and even laddered and a bit threadbare they are still going strong. These Italian socks are very strong with not much give so trying to squeeze a big swollen stump into a very tight sock was going to be a struggle. The Nurse helped as much as she could, especially with getting the drain tube in the best position possible. It was so painful but I did eventually manage to get it on, I was monitored all afternoon but thankfully again hardly anything came out of the drain. For me the only highlight of the day was the exceptionally scrummy Blackcurrant Cheesecake I had for tea.

The Sock

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