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Tuesday 5th

I spent most of the day in bed sleeping as much as I could, setting a timer for each dose of breakthrough medication I was due. Mum did check that I’d taken my pills at the right times just in case I slept through and missed them. Although I was sleeping really well I’m sure the pain would not have let me forget to take my medication. I didn’t have dinner (which we have lunchtime) but I did get up for a spot of tea, which consisted of a couple of hot cross buns and some biscuits, not highly nutritional but at least it was something. I had spent a bit of time in the afternoon emailing a couple of people and trying to catch up with a few emails, all the time fighting to keep my eyes open. I also spent some time on a UK American grocery site, treating myself to some never before had goodies. I know, I know, not good for my waistline etc. but you know what, after what I have just been through I thought sod it, lets make my surgery day more like Christmas Day with a belated celebration. I felt so tired though but the pain did feel a bit easier when I wasn’t moving the stump, which is progress. When I got into bed I decided I would spend some time on my front (as prescribed by the physio). Instead of doing the usual slow turn over I got half way across then kind of flipped the rest, big mistake. The tissue/muscle moved across the bone, which felt like it had cut in like a knife. When I was on my front I could feel the tissue moving as the bone was being lowered towards the bed, as I tried to lift it, it moved back the other way. Eventually I managed to rest the stump on the bed but it was incredibly painful. I don’t seem to have the sharp and paralysing nerve pain I had before (which could be a result of the surgery or Gabapentin), but feelings like this are much more frequent than before the surgery and immensely painful.

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