Much needed sleep

Wednesday 6th

I had set my timer, which was due to go of at 01:30 in the morning for my breakthrough Medication, at 05:30 I woke up in loads of pain. I checked my timer and realised I had forgotten to press the start button, hence the timer did not sound and I didn’t get my much needed top up. I took the medication straight away and hoped it would work quickly and ease the pain. I must have really needed the sleep because despite the pain it wasn’t too long before I drifted off to sleep again. Mum woke me up for the 08:00 Medication intake, following that I was soon back sound asleep. The mobile phone woke me with a start, it was the lady from Clinic 9 to make an appointment for me to see my Rehab Consultant, we finally settled on Monday 11th March. I got up for some lunch where there was a small issue as there had been for tea the night before. I couldn’t get my stump under the table, as it was so large and swollen. I had the same problem after the amputation itself but the advantage then was that I was able to bend forward over the table. This time I couldn’t sit up straight just yet let alone bend forward. We combatted this small issue with the aid of a cushion tray that I could put across my lap. It was painful on the stump so I found myself moving the stump to the side slightly and had the tray on my good thigh. After lunch I drifted back to bed only to re-emerge at teatime. After tea it was back to bed where I spent some time on my iPad. After a while I settled back down for some more well earned sleep and the routine of the timer going off at various times of the night, for medication or breakthrough medication.


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