Not a great day

Monday 18th March

Since the appointment at Addenbrooke’s I had a couple of days in bed with cold like symptoms but it wasn’t a cold. All I know is it wiped me out yet again, which if have to say I wasn’t very impress with. The rest of the time was same old, same old, trying to stay awake, pain easier at rest but still painful when moving, issues with the tissue and bone in the stump, editing photos for the blog, proof reading blog posts, being easily distracted and loosing myself in the PC managing achieving nothing.

I’d tried to leave the 03:00 breakthrough pain relief out but woke up at 05:30 in loads of pain. I’d left the medication outside by accident and Mum had been helping me with the wheelchair, which was in my Lounge. I didn’t want to shout for her help at that time as I knew she would’ve had trouble getting back to sleep herself, as she is an early riser. I did manage to drop off for a while but at 07:40 I just had asked her for help. She told me I should have shouted earlier but I explained why I didn’t want to call her. I lay there waiting for it to kick in and managed to get some more sleep before getting up at a dreadful 10:00. The pain for some reason was worse all day, I have no explanation for this, I hadn’t done anything different so it was a complete mystery but very unwelcome. Mum and Dad went out shopping after lunch and I had my 13:00 medication. I started proof reading parts of the blog and had the longest post so far, which was of the day I came home from Hospital. I was reading through it and then my eyes started going. I was fighting to keep them open, the words were going out of focus, my head was dropping and in the end I had to lie down for a bit on the settee. I was a bit cold even though I had a fleece sweater on, which is extremely rare for me these days. I ended up sleeping quite a bit which is a first for me in the afternoon, I really don’t know why the medication hit me so hard then. I was up and about again before tea though, I managed to get the post out in the end and edited and proofread a few more. It was a tough evening too, as I was really stiff, ached and had lots of pain in the stump still, I was hoping for a better day tomorrow.


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