Rehab Consultant and goodie box

Monday 11th March

My alarm went off for my 08:00 drug fix and I had to get up as I had an appointment with my Rehab Consultant, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital at 10:30. I thought I was getting a cold yesterday and this morning I felt bunged up with a bit of a sore throat too, little bit worse than yesterday but still not a full-blown cold. My body was up, moving about and getting ready but I’m sure the more important parts like brain and spirit were still in bed. Dad took me and we left at about 09:15 in case of bad traffic, and more importantly, parking problems. We made good time and were extremely lucky, as we drove in to our preferred car park it was full up, just then two people came back to their cars leaving us a choice of where to park. I was putting the blue badge on the dashboard at 10:00, which left us half an hour to hang around.

Dad went and got a coffee, which he seemed to queue for ages for and then we headed round to Clinic 9. We seemed to wait forever, as usual, and I eventually got called in at about 11:10. My Consultant asked me what I’d been up to in the last 9 months. I explained about not wearing the prosthetic leg for months, surgery, issues in Hospital, all the medication I was on and how exceptionally painful it was. He did say that he’d met about 4 or 5 amputees that had had large floppy stumps, which had been revised and had Liposuction done on them. All of them had said how excruciatingly painful it was after the surgery and they found it worse than the amputation itself. In some small way this made me feel slightly better, and reassured me that it wasn’t just me being a complete lightweight. I’d seen it done when I was a Theatre Orderly and it’s brutal, how anyone can have it done for cosmetic purposes knowing what the pain is like after is beyond me. I think the Consultant and Healthcare Assistant were much more impressed that I was able to sit in front of them at all, considering the medication cocktail I was on. They were very sympathetic to my slur, loss of memory and train of thought as I was trying to talk to them. He had a look at the stump and their eyes opened wide when they saw the size and bruising on it, the bruising was nothing compared to what it was after the surgery. He said that they had to let the swelling and bruising settle before they could even think about doing anything. He told me to wear the compression sock only if I could tolerate it, I asked about the exercises I did after the amputation and he again said only if I could tolerate it. Basically he just wants rest, reduction of the stump and for me to be as comfortable as possible while the process happens. He said for me to go back in 2-3 weeks to meet with him and Lynne (my Prosthetist) so we can see if there has been any change, and where we go from there. It helped to put my mind at rest that I wasn’t supposed to be doing lots of exercises and falling behind with my rehab because I couldn’t do them. I went to the receptionist and three weeks was bank holiday, then some special clinic, then he was on Annual Leave so the earliest I could get in was on 22nd April. In a way this will actually work to my advantage because that gives the stump plenty of time to heal and reduce in size. When I go back I should be ready to move on and get things like the cast and Physio sorted.

We got home and my long awaited American Food goodies had turned up (not in 48hrs Parcel Force tut tut), I wasted no time busting into the box to get it unpacked. Apart from the Vanilla Coke (which we had in the UK years ago before they stopped selling it) and the  Tootsie Rolls I’d had none of the contents before. I’m really looking forward to trying the stuff to see if American really is better!

American Groceries

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