Scan Day

Wednesday happened to be one of those little unwanted records, this time three different Hospitals in three days. At least I was only the visitor of one of these trips, which doesn’t make it so bad. The other difference with this visit was I was still ultra confident of the outcome. We got there dead on time and after booking in I was only waiting for a couple of minutes before being called through. This scan was to check if there were any clots because of the swollen foot and ankle. My money was firmly on a clot free result, as we’ve said before though clots can be fatal so it is best to get it checked out. After removing my shorts and jumping on the bed, well OK climbing on the bed, I just had to sit there and receive the overkill of Ultrasound Gel. Sound can’t travel through air, which is why they use the gel, just a little fact for you; I didn’t know that I had to ask. When I say overkill of gel I wasn’t exaggerating, I was totally caked in the stuff and she kept plying more on as we progressed. They dimmed the lights so they could see the screen better, felt like I was sitting in the cinema, shame I didn’t get a drink and some popcorn. They check from right in the groin all the way down the inside of the thigh, the back of the knee and the calf down to the ankle. There were a few points that were really painful but the way they press the transducer into your leg it is hardly surprising. A couple of times another lady would squeeze my leg at the ankle to push the blood through the veins to get a better reading. After that was finished it took just as much time to get all the gel off my leg as it did for the scan. After collecting Mum at the waiting area we were escorted round the Hospital to the pathology area, to see the anticoagulant Nurse. We had to wait for the results to come through on their system, which didn’t take too long. A Nurse arrived at the reception station and after a brief moment walked round, introduced herself, then told me there were no consulting rooms free and did I mind being spoken too in the waiting room. As there was no one else in there only us so I opted for the waiting room option, otherwise we would have had an age to wait for a free room. As expected there were no clots found, I could stop the Clexane Injections and the results would be sent to my GP. If the swelling becomes worse or persists then I should go back to my Doctor where they will investigate other possibilities. It has gone down greatly from its worst point and I have been slightly more active the last week so I’m guessing the inactivity was possibly the cause. A waste of NHS time and money really, which I feel bad about, especially as we didn’t think it was a clot but I suppose we had to make sure.

Stock image, not my scan

Stock image, not my scan

2 Responses to “Scan Day”

  1. Good news and about time! I know it was expected to go that way but it must feel good get some confirmation and completely forget about it.

    Pleased for you.

    • Many thanks. Yes at least that’s one thing out of the way now. I’ll take the positives no matter how small, lets hope I can start building a little collection of them now :) Thanks again!

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