First proper Physio session

At Cadets on Monday evening I managed 4hrs with my prosthetic leg on, probably a new record and probably enough for that day. I didn’t wear it at all on Tuesday, as I was busy sitting at the PC all day.

Wednesday afternoon was my first proper Physio session since my surgery, long time coming but at least I had my leg to work with. I didn’t expect to see anyone I knew from when I was in advanced Physio before. There was one person that I knew who has been backwards and forwards with different issues and awaiting further surgery, he is not wearing a prosthetic leg at this time. There was a lady who looked familiar although I can’t recall from where, she is awaiting further surgery and not wearing a prosthetic leg. A new guy too me who is an above knee amputee, wearing his prosthetic leg and walking OK with it but having some fitting issues. Lastly there is a really nice young guy who is a double amputee, above and below knee. I had seen him when I went to the gym on my last morning as an in-patient. He is doing remarkably well, lacks a little confidence I think but is quite up beat and seems determined to walk and get on with his life again. It seems a nice little group and I think we can all support one another, which makes a big difference.

I managed to get away with a warm up but managed to put my foot in it in a different way. I kind of knew what would happen but had to tell my Physio that I was not confident about walking outside anymore, sure enough and on form I would be going out for a walk later in the session. I started of walking in doors with a stick, without and pigeon steps around strategically placed cones. Groin problem raised its ugly head so took the leg off half way through and did some core muscle strength exercises for a while. I was told I was walking really well but was just leaving my hip behind. I had to either pull it through or just keep my hips square when I walked, I worked on this during the session.

Eventually it was time to don the leg again and go for that inevitable walk outside. It took two goes to get it on, pinching the first time, the second wasn’t much better but just left it so I could go out. I was quite scared but while on the walk to the main doors I was talking to myself constantly about how I’d done it before and I can do it again, just go for it, take my time, concentrate hard and pick the foot up. We got outside to what had to be the hottest day temperature of the year but I was ready. I knew where we were going and knew there were a lot of slopes and cambers involved, it was a big test. First down a steep slope, round the road and up a steep but gradual gradient slope, a long flat walk then stopped to take on water, lots of water. I was knackered already but the Physio Assistant was happy with the way I was walking, I just hopped I had enough in me to get back.

To say I was perspiring was an understatement; there was no breeze and little shade. On the way back when we got down the gradual slope we deviated off to do some stairs. The Physio Assistant said about going down the steps to get back in to the building but I knew the Physio would have wanted me to do the killer ramp, which is what I did. After going up and down two flights of stairs it was back out the building and round towards the main doors again. This was my most dreaded part the evil slope back up to the doors. I had to stop a little way in as the socket had been rubbing on the tendon, which was now extremely sore. After a rest I carried on up the slope, its that steep that that my steps are so small I’m almost at a standstill, I can feel the energy literally draining out of me. Mini Everest conquered and I can’t wait to get back to the gym. When the others saw me stagger through the door there was some laughter, I was bright red and sweat was pouring down my face. I checked my phone as I had set the ‘Map My Walk’ going, I had walked .83km in 21 minutes. I was happy with that and it gives me a benchmark to start walking too.

I suffered from all this for the next couple of days though. I was suffering loads of pain in my lower back and I ached all over. Worst hit was the tendon and the bone in my bum, this is the problem with Physio I push myself solid in two hours and its too much all in one go. I have to get myself motivated and do more at home, build up the wearing time and walk more. My homework was to start walking outside more, since the walk at Physio I’m not so scared about walking outside now.


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