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First proper Physio session

At Cadets on Monday evening I managed 4hrs with my prosthetic leg on, probably a new record and probably enough for that day. I didn’t wear it at all on Tuesday, as I was busy sitting at the PC all day. Wednesday afternoon was my first proper Physio session since my surgery, long time coming […]

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Slightly inspirational physio session

I know, the words inspirational and physio in the same sentence, hard to believe. It has been a hard week with the leg and yet again getting fed up with it. I found out on Monday that I can’t drive with it on, so need to try and sort the car somehow and the camber […]

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Your not going to believe this!

After yesterday I was feeling very….. stiff….. achy….. sore….. well all of that really, oh and tired. I had trouble moving and for the first time since the surgery my right knee was really problematic. It was painful to stand on, good job I’m in the wheelchair most of the time, and standing up and […]

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