Good and bad surprises

The 13th, unlucky for some as they say but I’ve had both a bit of good and bad luck today. Lets start of with the bad news and get it out of the way.  On Monday I noticed a mark dark red/purple mark appear on the scar from the surgery where I had the infection at New Year. I thought I would keep an eye on it but just thought it was a blemish, or something like that.

The last few days it had been getting progressively worse with redness tracking from the mark so yesterday I went to see my second choice Doctor, as my usual one was fully booked. She had a look and commented on how long the scar was that they had made to get rid of the last infection. She felt it was superficial this time, prescribed Flucloxacillin (antibiotic) and said to go back if it got any worse (where I will probably just be sent straight to the Emergency department).

As the day wore on it did seem to be getting a bit more bulbous but I hoped the antibiotics would kick in and start to reverse the process. It was really sore by this morning and I thought it would probably only hang on for another day. Oh how wrong was I? I had only been up for just under and hour when I happened to look down (as I didn’t feel it) to find the contents running down my leg.

This was both good and bad, good because the rubbish was escaping but bad because now I have an open wound, susceptible to more infection. It’s been lightly weeping all morning and I’ve had to change the dressing, the skin has broken down leaving the open wound. I can’t go to the Hospital till Mum and Dad get home from their Holiday tomorrow, as I have Cody (my Labrador) to look after, also I can’t think of anywhere I would less want to be than in a bloody Hospital again. I’m hoping that with it draining and taking the antibiotics it will start to get on top of it and the medication will win through.

Thankfully I had a nicer surprise today when the Post Lady arrived, I had a couple of little packages but one felt like a book. I haven’t ordered any books recently and couldn’t work out why a book would have turned up. As I opened the package the penny dropped and it was an advanced copy of the book I have been helping Author, Rodney Dale with, The New Life of Hannah Brooks (you can find out more about our first meeting at ).

When I opened the front cover I noticed that Rodney had signed it for me writing ‘To Helen with many thanks for your help and advice, Rodney, 12th July 1213.” There is also a quote that I made on my blog post about the book, I’m mentioned in the acknowledgments and there is a picture of my first prosthetic leg on the back cover. Since our first meeting back at the end of November we have had many more meetings between then and now. It was nice to learn about how a book is written and how many rewrites it can go through before it is finally printed.  It is due to be published on 15th August but you can find it listed on Amazon already at . I would like to thank Rodney for approaching me to help him with the book and for the advanced copy. He has put so much time, effort and research in to the book that I hope it gets the sales it deserves.

So, even though my knee is causing me yet more pain and problems there was a silver lining to my dark cloud of the day. Only time will tell how good or bad my knee gets but without some of my problems and the amputation I would not have helped some of the people I have, through the blog, or met people like Rodney. I would probably never have found out about how a book is researched and put together, or heard the amazing stories of other amputees and met some of the brilliant people that I now know had my own story been written differently. It’s by taking a look at the positive things that have happened as a result of something negative that helps to keep you going and start the next chapter in our own book of life.

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