Oh it just gets better

After having had my fist night on SSU and because people were spread out around the unit they decided to have a big bed change around. I was moved from Bay 9 to Bay 6 and was offered my same window position, which I accepted. If I was to sit with the bed rest up very high then the view was not too bad, a bigger area of car park and activity to watch. In reality the majority of my view was filled by a couple of trees and some window blinds. It was nice and light there though and closest to the air conditioning unit so it had its advantages.

A new love affair has blossomed for me while I’ve been in here, in the shape of the Costa Ice range. Mainly the Cream and Fruit Coolers, which are not the best partner for my Tum, hips and bum. Still, in emergency situations, like being in hospital, comforts are sometimes required to make us feel better. This therefore, turns it into medicinal purposes, which means I am able to start working my way through the range to find the Cooler that most suites my condition. So far I’ve had the Strawberry, Toffee and Belgium Chocolate Cream Coolers and the Pineapple, Coconut and Lime Fruit Cooler which is exactly like a Piña Colada but with out the alcohol. The Strawberry Cream Cooler is my favourite so far (would be as it has the most calories, damn) followed by the Pineapple, Coconut and Lime Fruit Cooler. I thought today’s cooler would be my last one as I would be going home tomorrow but the Registrar has just come round with news that now makes that highly unlikely.

The Registrar came over a bit earlier to take some blood (which should have been done this morning) and told me they should get the results in about an hour. They would get the culture results back and discuses them but suspected they could take the irrigation out later. I’d assumed that I had to go back to theatre to have this taken out but that’s not the case, they will give me some Oramorph and a nurse will take the tubes out, needless to say this is not going to be painless.

Later on the Registrar came back with all the facts and figures. They grew nothing from the samples that were taken in theatre, which was what happened before in the other knee. However, because my CRP levels were 250 when I came in and are now down to 60, they feel they are winning and hopefully got to the infection before it got serious, so that was the good news. They are now switching the antibiotics to a more specialised one which they will keep me on for two or three days. I said that I assumed that would be intravenously, which was correct, so that means I don’t get out tomorrow after all, gutted.

I thought that would be the worst of the news but oh no, it just gets better. He told me that one of the markers that shows Liver Function was quite high. I said that I wasn’t surprised after I’d been on Diclofenac and Paracetamol for so long. He told me it was very doubtful that the Diclofenac would have had any impact but the Paracetamol certainly could, which is why he’s stopped it. I said that I started taking Paracetamol when I was 15 till now and in all that time I have only had about 3 years off of them. He asked me if anyone had ever mentioned a Liver problem to me before, which they haven’t. He is getting someone from General Medicine to take a look at me, they will probably do a scan and may take some other blood testes and do more investigation. It could be from the medication and now they have stopped it they may see an improvement. There could obviously be other things that are causing it and they want to investigate it fully while I’m here.

So there was me trying to think positive about getting home tomorrow, not only am I told I have to stay in longer but that there could be another problem to add to the mix. To be honest the mix is rubbish enough as it is without adding this to it too. Yet again I know it could be nothing and stopping the Paracetamol could settle it, I shouldn’t be negative and thing positively but with my luck you just get that feeling it won’t be something simple and plain sailing, it never is. At least if they take the drain out tonight it should make the knee more comfortable, as for the rest of it lets just wait and see what tomorrow brings.


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