A lot and nothing

I was going to write a post a bit sooner than this but I’ve had a computer issue the last two days, which I’ve now rectified to my relief. Lets bring you up to speed on where I am at the moment.

Last Wednesday I saw my 2nd choice GP hoping above all else that the blood test results were in from the Hospital. This was for the other problem I’m having and considering what they were testing me for I’d been stressing over the results. Thankfully all four tests came back negative, which was more than a weight off my mind. Of course this left us with the small problem of not knowing what is causing the problem so I have been referred to a specialist. As for the knee I wasn’t convinced that all was well, I haven’t been able to straighten it while standing since just before the surgery. I was convinced that it wasn’t right while she was convinced it was fine. The problem is there was no redness or swelling and it wasn’t particularly hot. No antibiotics were prescribed so really it was just wait and see again.

On Monday I was back at Hinchingbrooke Hospital to see the Consultant I should have see the week before. He checked my notes and looked up some blood test results. My CRP (used to check for infection) was around 40 when I left the Hospital last time. I had another blood test on the 8th August and it had shot up to 121, another reason why I was convinced it wasn’t right. He told me that Microbiology hadn’t grown anything from the swabs, which was the same when I had the infection in my left knee. He didn’t look at the wound on my knee that was covered with a dressing, even though it had wept slightly. He started feeling if my knee was hot but on the opposite side of where it was hot. He didn’t check my range of movement and seemed unsure at to what to do. He said he could wash it out again but was reluctant to do more surgery unless it became really painful. After my last experience of the flush through and drain coming out I was more than happy to agree. He asked if I was on antibiotics, I told him I wasn’t and none were prescribed. He told me he would ring Oxford (the infection and orthopaedic specialist clinic) that day and for me to book and appointment to see him again next Monday.

It emerged that next Monday is a Bank Holiday so she would have a word with I the Consultant while I went off for the blood test he’d ordered. Blood test done I wheeled back to the receptionist who hadn’t seen the Consultant yet. She told me she would call me later with an appointment, which she did and that’s on the 4th Sept. When I got home I removed the dressing that had been on for about a week, I thought it had probably closed and healed by now. It was slightly open and oozing a little, I didn’t like the look of it so I put another dressing on to try and keep it as clean as possible.

This morning I went to see 2nd choice GP again. When she saw my knee, which is now red and swollen, she said that it wasn’t like that last time I saw her. I told her I’d seen the Consultant on Monday, it wasn’t quite as bad then as it is today. She had a dilemma, she felt it could be bad enough to send me to the Hospital but as I’d seen a Consultant two days previous wondered if they would do anything. I asked for some slightly stronger painkillers, which she gave me but at the same time didn’t want to mask what was going on. She didn’t feel that antibiotics were worth giving me, especially as I told her that when I had the infection in my left knee, while I was on intravenous antibiotics it got on top of it, the minute I go home and I’m on oral antibiotics it starts to flare again. We left it that I have an appointment to see her on Friday morning, she told me to go straight to A&E if it gets any worse before then.

It seems like it has to be at the point where it is so painful, has massive red areas and open wounds before anyone will do anything. Surly it should be round the other way and they should be treating me so that it doesn’t reach that point. As you can see there has been a lot going on, with various appointments, but nothing is really happening. I knew this was going to happen, it’s a case of History repeating itself again. They wont listen to me, but after all who am I? I’m only the person who has gone through this before, endures the pain and wants my life back. A trip to A&E seems inevitable, I’m putting my money on Friday watch this space!


Knee 21-08-13

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