Running in circles

Wow, it’s been 5 days since I last did a blog post, I could say I’ve been lazy but really it’s just that nothing significant has happened. I had a blood test last Thursday and wasn’t happy with the results, the inflammatory marker (used to assess infection in the body) has over doubled what it was when I was discharged from Hospital. It has probably gone up even more since then and I’m still waiting for the other results to be confirmed.

The Consultant (Not my usual one as he is retiring) I had while in Hospital was adamant I got an appointment, in Fracture & Orthopaedic Clinic, for Friday or today. The secretary was struggling to get me in but came up with 09:00 this morning.

I booked in at reception and at 09:10 was called through, I was put in the consulting room and after a short time the Consultant came in. As he entered the room my heart sank, it was a different Consultant to who it should have been and the guy I had is not very good or very nice. I know him but he has never treated me before, thankfully. He was scanning my notes trying to work out what was happening but failing miserable. He asked me what had happened so I explained it in the shortest way I could. He took a quick look at my knee, he asked me to bend it, straighten it, checked the wounds and felt the knee. His diagnosis was that the knee is fine, the high inflammatory count must be due to the other issue going on, and that was it. I asked about the results of the blood test that was done while I was in Hospital. I was desperate for these results but was told he didn’t have them. He told the nurse, who was in the room us, to make an appointment for me for next week to see the Consultant I should have seen today.

I’m not convinced that the knee’s fine, watch this space with that one. I think the Nurse was in slight shock at the way he was with me, so dismissive. I said it had felt like a waste of time and he didn’t have a clue, she couldn’t understand why the blood test results were not in my notes. She told me I had another file and wondered if it had been put in the wrong one by mistake, either way it should be on the system, which he never looked at. I was confused as to why the other Consultant was so adamant about getting me back so soon just to check the knee, there must have been more to it. I think he knew the test results would be back, he could explain what they were and where we’d would go from there. I asked the Nurse if the test results would’ve been sent to my Doctor, she told me that any treatment or tests done at the Hospital would be sent to my GP. She checked that the Consultant was definitely in next Monday, which he was, so I have another appointment booked for then.

After chatting to Dad we decided to go to the Doctors Surgery on the way home to see if I could get the results from them. Talking to the receptionist she told me that they didn’t have any results, only the ones from the blood test they did that I already knew about. She told me that if the test was ordered at the Hospital then the results would go to the Consultant that ordered them, and then they would send a copy on to the Doctors Surgery. I said I’d just come from the Hospital and they couldn’t find them, I’d hoped a copy had been sent to my GP. I cant get booked in with either of the Doctors I wanted to see this week, apart from calling first thing on the day they are there to try and get a morning appointment. I booked a phone call for Wednesday (the next day my GP’s in) but I’ll also try first thing in the morning to see if I can actually get to see her.

I just feel like I’m running round in circles now. The problem is, while you’re an inpatient things get done, your there, they want to get you better and get you out. Even if there’s something on going, as in my case, the minute you’re discharged it’s like everything stops. No one seems to want to take ownership of the problem and I’m left being batted around between the Doctors Surgery and the Hospital. In the meantime I’m feeling ill, tired, worried about the infection and my knee and even more worried about the other thing that’s going on. Lets just hope that Wednesday, when I get to talk to the Doctor (who is pretty good), I can start getting some answers. Even if the results aren’t with them she’ll be able to chase the Hospital so we can try and get a diagnosis, then a plan of how treat it. I try to stay positive but it gets harder and harder when it’s like this, I don’t even know what I’m dealing with. Role on Wednesday so we can draw up the battle plans.


Running In Circles

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