Hospital averted, for now!

After the visit to Oxford I knew the infection in my knee was not cured and it would raise its ugly head once more. From how it looked when I left Hospital last time and only having a localised hot spot last Thursday, I thought I would make it to my Guided Knee Aspiration appointment on 4th October.

The last four days have seen the infection take hold at quite a rapid rate. I already had an appointment to see my second choice Doctor yesterday, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. This was the first appointment I could get with either of the best two Doctors at the surgery since I came out of Hospital.

When I got in there I spoke to the Doctor about medication etc. but avoided the knee. Unfortunately she homed in on it like a sniper, I tried to be a bit vague but knew I had to show her. When I saw the look on her face I knew that she would be getting ready to phone the Hinchingbrooke on call to get me admitted. I did explain that Oxford had told me to tell Hinchingbrooke about getting transferred to them as soon as possible if I was admitted again.

I said that I didn’t want to go to Hinchingbrooke and explained why. She offered me both Addenbrooke’s and Peterborough but I explained about not being fair on my Dad to have to drive me there. I was told that they could provide transport but I have to admit the thought of going in again makes me feel ill now. I also wanted to give my veins a rest before they start puncturing me with cannulas again. If I’m going to be on a few weeks’ antibiotics then, as much as I don’t like the idea of having it done, I might ask about a PICC Line.

I knew the answer would be no, but I asked about the possibility of going straight to Oxford. I know this sounds a bit strange when I don’t want to go to any of the local Hospitals and it’s even further for Dad. If I can get straight down there then they see the knee exactly as it is with no prior treatment. She told me that they would probably tell her where to go if she went direct to Oxford. I asked about leaving it till Wednesday and see how things go. She told me that she has admitted me when it has been better than it is now, it wont get any better its only going to get worse and the later I get to Hinchingbrooke the less chance I have of getting transferred to Oxford this week.

The Doctor was fab, she listened to me and in the end made a decision to phone Oxford Direct. Her hope was that maybe I could get transferred through A&E and just skim Hinchingbrooke rather than being admitted to it. I know this sounds like I’m running Hinchingbrooke down but this would have been the same for any of the local Hospitals she sent me to. I don’t want to be admitted to any Hospital, I’ve had almost as much of it as I can take now. After a longish conversation we were right, I couldn’t go direct to Oxford without going through a Hospital. The on call at Oxford (who the Doctor spoke to) said they would call her back. I was sent back to the waiting room for a tense wait, I honestly think the Doctor didn’t want me to hear the discussion. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way, as I know she was fighting my corner.

The outcome of all this is Oxford will try and get me in to this Thursdays Clinic, where they can admit me if they need to. The Surgery is still working with Oxford on this so fingers crossed it turns into reality. I have the option of Patient Transport if they can get it. This means I would have to go on my own in case they did admit me. I don’t mind that but would need someone there to help me with my holdall. The other option is Dad would take me, it’s not fair on him though both the driving and the cost, especially if they have to visit a few times too. The only advantage with this option is I could take down as much as I like and Dad can bring back anything that’s not needed.

The other reason this is harder than any other possible admission I’ve had is because I know the Hospital, Staff and routine and I know what to take in with me. Mum and Dad visit most days and I just ask them to bring in what I need, while washing and things I don’t need go back home. I have no idea what the locker size is, what I’m likely to need (apart from complete basics), how long I’m going to be in for, whether I’m likely to be in PJ’s or normal cloths most of the time on the ward, etc. etc. I wont see Mum and Dad much, or anyone come to think of it, it’s a big unknown. It’s almost like that first ever stay in Hospital or your first day at a new School or Job, a bit daunting really. Lots of variables and decision, it will be interesting to see how this week pans out.


Knee 24-09-13

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