I phoned the Doctors Surgery just before lunch, to speak to the receptionist I spoke to yesterday about getting everything finalised for Oxford on Thursday. The person who answered the phone couldn’t find the lady I needed to speak to so I left my details and she would phone me back.

In the afternoon the receptionist of the Consultant I’m under at Oxford phoned me. She was confused that I didn’t have an appointment for Thursday yet plans were being made for me to get there. I explained the Doctors appointment from Monday and how we got to the point we are at now. She told me that the Consultant wasn’t in Clinic on Thursday and didn’t want me to have a wasted trip down there.

She had spoken to the Consultant and he said that it was arranged for me to have the Aspiration on the 4th October and he would review me after that. I said that there is no way that this knee will hold out till the Aspiration date. I also explained that the people I saw in Clinic last Thursday had said that in the mean time, if I felt unwell or it got really bad to go to the Hospital. At the Hospital I should ask them to contact Oxford ASAP so I could get transferred down there. The secretary asked me if I was unwell, which I wasn’t (not what they mean by unwell anyway) but reminded her that the GP was going to admit me on Monday. In the end she said that she would contact the Doctors to find out more information.

The next phone call came from the Doctors Surgery but a different receptionist to the one who had been dealing with it. I felt sorry for her as she had to try and get her head around this mess too. She told me that as I had only been seeing my 2nd choice GP I had to see another one. I was a bit perplexed at this point, it seems that Oxford want a second opinion from within the same Surgery! I was offered an appointment this afternoon but I declined after finding out who I would be seeing.

What’s the plan now then? Good question. I have an appointment to see my 1st Choice GP first thing on Friday morning. If it gets really bad (no idea what the definition of really bad is now) between now and then I should go to the Surgery. When I looked at the calendar and saw that my appointment to see the Consultant and Psychiatrist at Hinchingbrooke is next Monday I’m almost hoping it will hold out till then. Knowing the Doctor the way I do I am sure she will be on the phone to the on call at Oxford on Friday.

Its hard for me at the moment, I really don’t want to go to any Hospital right now, especially not admitted to one. I’m also conscious that the longer this knee goes without being treated the worse the consequences could be. That said, I am not really unwell or anything like that which probably means it is not as bad as it look, or feels.

I thought the point of the NHS and Healthcare was to deal with an issue and resolve it as quickly as possible. Why is it with my knee infections I have to wait until it’s really bad, opened up and hurts like hell before they start to do anything? Surely the idea is to get it under control before it gets anywhere near as bad as it is now. What do I know? I’m only the patient. The only thing I do know is the saga continues.



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