Discharge me? Part 1

After the lack of sleep and maxing out on my Oramorph, Sunday was quite literally a day of rest. The pain was far more tolerable and to be honest I kept dozing off trying to write a blog post, which never got written. My Dad brought me in a letter to read, I’d have had more success building the Eiffel Tower with the Matchsticks I was cramming in my eyeballs, to hold them open, than get through that letter. I felt really bad during the visit but I fought it for two hours till Mum and Dad left. I went back to dozing over the blog post, which I still didn’t finish.

Monday morning I was whisked down to the Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic for my appointment with the Orthopaedic Consultant. My appointment was originally for 15:30 but I was called on Friday to re-arrange the time to 10:40. When I arrived at clinic they were not expecting me but put me in a Consulting room. It was during a conversation at this time that I happened to mention the appointment time changing. The receptionist understood now why she couldn’t see me on the system. If the day was starting like this how would the rest of the day go?

When the Consultant came in I reminded him about the Psychiatrist wanting to liaise with me, because they had altered this appointment Friday I didn’t know if she would be aware of that. The Consultant went on to tell me the plan that I already knew inside out. Again I knew more than him as I explained that the Dr who admitted me in A&E was brilliant, had liaised with the Nuffield and that Hinchingbrooke would get in contact again Monday morning. He checked the computer and said that there was nothing on the system to say that, I assured him that was the plan. He took my notes and left the room, after a while he he came back and said he had found the relevant information in my notes. I hadn’t gone to the appointment in my own wheelchair as I can’t bend my knee very much, so we used a Hospital one with the leg board. He told me there was a lot of fluid in the knee and started feeling the inside of the knee with the back of his hand, he didn’t feel the top or outside where it was red.

He told the HCA (Health Care Assistant) to get the ‘on call’ Doctor to come down and start making phone calls to the Nuffield, and to call the Psychiatric team about the appointment change. He left the room to continue his Clinic. After a while the Consultant walked back in saying he was ahead with his Clinic and would make the call. A little while after the ‘on call’ Doctor came in. The Consultant looked up and said that she could go as he was doing it himself, with that she about turned and walked out.

The consultant phoned Oxford in the Consulting Room and while the conversation was going on I heard several bits of incorrect information being given to Oxford. When he came off the phone I said that he’d told Oxford that the last time I was in I was on Intravenous Antibiotics for six weeks, when in fact I had only been on them for three weeks. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that it didn’t really matter, I beg to differ. That very comment was the one that finished me off really, I don’t have the energy to fight them anymore.

He went over the fact that the Nuffield didn’t want Hinchingbrooke to do anything unless the usual unwell, temperature, fever criteria came into play. Having heard something like this on the Saturday I asked him if he was talking about discharging me. I explained the pain from Hell on Saturday and didn’t want to have to deal with that at home, or have to come back through the whole A&E system again. He told me that he wouldn’t be here 24/7 and there was no guarantee that it would happen again (there was also no guarantee that it wouldn’t). I just find it hard to understand if he talks and treats all his patients like that or if its’s just me.

He told me he could get the ‘on call’ registrar in to meet me, as he would be on all week. The idea of this was that I could be fast tracked slightly if I needed to be admitted again, works in practice but not in principle. I said that I was willing to meet the ‘on call’, off he went again, while I sat and awaited their return. I had my back to the door so when I heard it open I turned around, only to be confronted by the ‘on call’ Oriental guy I had the run in with on Saturday. He shook my hand and to cut a repetitive story short he would deal with me if I had to come through A&E again.

The Consultant said that I had been referred to Oxford now and it was them I should be dealing with directly, I could write the layman’s terms for that but I expect you can guess what it is. He thrust a piece of paper in my hand with the name of the person he had been speaking to and the different phone numbers needed. I would be discharged from Hinchingbrooke and attend the appointment Oxford. If anything happens in the meantime I can phone the Nuffield and ask any questions I should want to. If I became seriously ill I could go to Hinchingbrooke. I was like a stunned bunny caught in the headlights of a car, in disbelief that they were going to discharge me, yet I have no idea why as nothing should surprise me anymore.

By the end of the day I’d still not seen anyone from the Psychiatric Team. Yet again their offer for help always seems to come down to lip service. There is always a lot of talk about what they can and will do for you but in reality it’s never see through

To be continued………..

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