Discharge me? Part 2

I may be down but I’m not fully out, even if I do feel like giving up right now, so when I got back on the Ward I started to put my counterattack in to operation. When I saw the Nurse in charge of our bay I asked her if I could see a Physio (Physiotherapist). When the Physio arrived at my bedside it was one very well known to me. When it comes to Physios and hospitals I have what could be called and “understanding” with them. I’m normally planing escape routes, cheats for getting things done and generally climbing out the windows to get away, so much so that this particular Physio says that I scare her. I explained what had happened with the Consultant then explained about the swelling, knee bend and pain level. After all of that I said the words that no Physio thought they would hear from me, “I don’t want to go home”. The Physio said “I never thought I’d ever hear you say that”.

The Physio shot off to get some information. A while later a Doctor came to ask lots of questions then disappeared again. Later still the Nurse in charge of our bay was doing the drug run. I asked her for an update on the discharge, she told me that she knew nothing about it and would check it out. The Doctor came back and said that she had spoken to the Nuffield again, my inflammation markers were very and the plan now was to redo some tests the next morning and review daily. So at the end of discharge round two, that made it 2-0 to me.

Monday night wasn’t a particularly good night for sleeping, pain was a big factor but there was a fair bit of disturbing activity too. After the discussion with the Doctor the day before I was expecting to have blood taken for testing in the morning but it never happened. I was chugging along with the usual morning routine until about mid morning when another well know Physio came to see me. She told me that she’d spoken to the Doctors and they were looking to send me home and go to the Nuffield for my appointment Friday. I’m not even going there, I’m sure you can imagine how I was feeling at that point. I explained the same old bits of the story, she checked the bend in my knee and guessed the angle correctly without the measuring tool, we chatted a bit more and ended the conversation discussing my mobility here and at home. At the end of this the Physio said that because my anti-inflammatory markers were high, I had such a small bend and was taking Oramorph for break through pain every two hours there was no way they could send me out like that. She disappeared, but she’d be back! Eventually she came back to me with the fourth or fifth latest plan, which was I would stay here and if anything serious happened they would deal with it at Hinchingbrooke. Hinchingbrooke will constantly contact the Nuffield to see if they will take me earlier, if not Hinchingbrooke will transfer me for my Friday appointment. So, that’s another win for me at the end of Discharge round 3, with me increasing my lead to 3-0.

Mum and Dad came in for a visit yesterday, after explaining what’s been happening my Dad said that he would have refused to pick me up, as they didn’t feel they could have provided the care I needed at home. I’d been back to taking my Oramorph every two hours and I could feel the battle of the eyelids had resumed.

It’s horrible when I’m trying to write a blog post and I’m fighting with my eyes. I keep dozing off but I can’t sleep. Late afternoon the Doctor came round and discussed my medication. Because I’d been taking the Oramorph at regular two hour intervals, it was decided to increase the OxyContin (slow release morphine) to cancel out the Oramorph. I still have Oramorph prescribed for breakthrough pain, I try not to use it but there are times when
you just have to.

Last night didn’t go well at all and I was in a lot of pain. It’s just a combination of the knee filling with fluid, there’s nowhere for it to escape to so it’s stretching the knee, this causes pain not only in the knee but the surrounding area and because we have changed the medication it will take some time before it’s working effectively. It’s been difficult to manage all day so I have no idea what tonight will be like.

Been feverishly beavering away trying to get my posts up to date. It’s getting harder and harder every day and then when I do seem to catch up more and more seems to happen. I want to get you back up to date so you know what’s happening, and so I can just chill and practice some calligraphy for a few days. I haven’t been on Facebook or any other Internet Media over the past couple of days either, I can only apologise for not replying to people’s messages and I don’t want anyone worrying that something has happened.

This afternoon the Doctor came and saw me. She asked about my medication and how things had been going, it needs a day or so before I can tell for sure how it’s doing. She also told me that as it’s Wednesday there was little chance that the Nuffield wold be able to get me in before Friday. With this in mind she was going to book transport for a patient transfer for my appointment time.

At last that brings you up to date with how things stand at the moment. Pain wise I’m getting kind of desperate for something to be done now. Although I’ll probably be on a stretcher for Patient Transport the thought of that journey is filling me with dread. The point past the Guided Knee Aspiration is a void and your guess is as good as mine as to what’s going to happen and where. I’m hoping to get some sleep tonight and maybe get my chill day ahead of the big day

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