Happy Monday!

Last Monday the Infection Team were on the ball and by my bed nice and early. I was advised that with the data from the blood test taken the day before new tactics should be put in place. One of the intravenous antibiotics I was taking needed to be increased and a new antibiotic was added to the arsenal in the form of oral antibiotics. They had managed to grow a few different bugs who would be going through the sensitivity process, with those results the team would be able to put the final plans in place.

A lady from the Orthopaedic Team came to see me and asked how things were over the weekend. Apart from the fact it was just such a rough weekend there was one equipment issue too. In a previous post I mentioned the brace that I had to wear 24/7. It was more or less the same as the ones I’ve had in the past. The padded part of the brace is form which makes the leg sweat, it becomes itchy and sore and as the swelling was reducing it wasn’t sitting where it should be either. On a more Personal point I find it really difficult to sleep on my back and the brace was making it difficult to lay on my side. I asked about the possibility of taking it off at night, the lady said she didn’t see it as a problem but would ask and get back to me in the afternoon.

Sunday morning I’d asked them to take out the catheter and the PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia), this freed me up from the shackles of wires. When the Physio came round I asked if I could try transferring to the toilet, this would make me largely independent. If you can imagine a clapped out old Army Land Rover trying to manoeuvring with extended crane on the front then you can imagine what it was like trying to get into the toilet. The room layout’s not great and after much planning then blood, sweat and tears I finally managed it, I was independent! I told the Physio I’d asked about taking the brace off at night, she just laughed and told me there was no way that was going to happen.

The Orthopaedic Team came by later in the afternoon, after what the Physio had said I was prepared for a battle. In the end there was no battle over not wearing the brace at night, in fact, he told me I don’t have to wear it while I was sitting on the bed either. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel, see it’s those small things again. The only disadvantage of not having the brace on is there’s no support at the knee itself, this makes makes the grinding worse and more frequent but it’s still better than wearing the brace.They took the dressing down again to have a look at the knee. There was very little oozing from the sites and not too much swelling, they were very happy with how it’s looking from their point of view. After the downer of the weekend Monday was definitely a better day.

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