Weekend blues

Having had such a good couple of days (apart from the very early pain issues) I was looking forward to the weekend, getting the blog posts done and maybe start some artwork. When Saturday morning came I was feeling anything but good, I’d hit a wall already. I didn’t want anything to eat, I felt sick, was really tired, felt really low and just generally rough and rundown. The weekend Physio came round, after seeing and talking to me she said she would come back the next day and left me to rest. First thing in the morning I was moved from my side room into a bay with three other ladies. The bay is OK, multicultural. We have a lady originally from Germany, another originally from China and a ex Norfolk Lass. I just put the day down as being a blip, was hoping for a good night so I’d wake up to a better Sunday.

Sunday was no better, in fact emotionally I think it was worse. The weekend Physio came by again, I transferred to the wheelchair and took it out for a little spin. This experience was like going from a sports car to an clapped out old Army Land Rover. The turning circle wasn’t much better the leg stuck out in front, especially in more confined spaces. Later in the day a man came to take bloods from me. I was chatting to him about the reasons why they were taking this blood, especially on a Sunday. He told me they are looking at the antibiotics in the blood. One of the antibiotics I was taking needed to be monitored, if I had to little they needed to increase it, but if I was having too much it would be toxic. Mum and Dad came to visit which was really nice, the two hours (the only two hours) go so quickly and then it’s back to reality of Hospital life. All in all nothing got done, the blog posts were backing up but I just didn’t feel like doing anything except shutting down.

The Blues

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