The yearly review

The years seem to fly by faster and faster and here we are again with another yearly review.

It was a particularly hard year right of the bat having been admitted to Hospital on New Year’s Eve. Health wise it was as bad, and in some ways worse, than 2011 with a record breaking 6 operations. Physically it has really taken its toll but I think more noticeably mentally and emotionally too. My Cousin passing away came as a sad shock made worse by fact I was in Hospital and unable to attend the funeral to say goodbye, she was taken before her time. The greatest loss was that of my Nan around the middle of the year. It was that heart-breaking scenario that so many of us have to endure in our lives, watching a loved one slowly deteriorating, basically watching them die. The only silver lining to both these clouds is that they are no longer suffering or in pain.

While thinking about what to write in this post I struggled to find the positives from the year. If the truth be known with all the medication I’m on at the moment it’s difficult to remember anything. Probably the best thing of the year was starting to learn how to airbrush. I really enjoy it and wish I’d started it years ago, although I’d never used an airbrush before I knocked out a couple of half decent pictures. Another thing I really enjoyed was Christmas, it was nice to be out of Hospital and having my Uncle and Aunty staying with us made it even more enjoyable.

As an amputee there have been some ups and downs too but these, in the main, have been affected by the knee infection. At the beginning of the year I found it difficult following the first lot of knee surgery. It was the first time I’d been in this position and although it was difficult I was able to put weight through the leg, which was a help. It made me realise though that having any major surgery on the knee, like a full replacement, would make recovery exceptionally difficult. The stump surgery was a Hospital experience I never want to repeat and there was a lot riding on the outcome. Unfortunately it wasn’t completely successful but it was good enough to be able to start walking again. From the Amputee side of things this was the best part of the year, after nine months of not walking at all I managed to pick it up almost where I had left off. The best news came when my Prosthetist told me she would make my first new long term socket. The socket and fixing would be different and hopefully more comfortable and easier to manage day to day. We’d got halfway through the process where the test socket had been made but the knee infection had already started again by then so it has all been put on hold. By the time we have sorted out the infection and I’m in a position to get back to walking again I hope I can get on with it as quickly as I did last time.

Even though writing this blog is a hard work and a chore at the moment I know there are many people who still follow my progress. It has strayed some way from talking specifically about the amputee side of things but it’s still how, as amputee, I have dealt with the things life has thrown at me. I’m conscious that the blog has seemed a bit negative recently but I think regular readers can understand why that is. As ever your support is both helpful and appreciated, not only that but your support has broken last year’s blog records. There have been more readers from more countries around the world than last year and I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my blog.

Let’s hope this year will end up being a much better one and I’ll have lots of great things to reminisce about in the next yearly review. I hope you will stick with me as I continue on my Journey, and I may even pick up some more followers on the way. Hopefully we can break some more records this year, only positive one’s though!

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New Year 2014

2 Responses to “The yearly review”

  1. Hi
    You’re was the first blog I found when I first became an amputee 18 months ago, I avidly read and re read your posts and have continued to do so following you on your jorney. You have been through so much and yet you still continue to selflessly give of yourself every time you write a post. All I can say is thank you and you will never know how many people you touch as you do so.
    Also its interesting to hear of your art using an airbrush. I’ve just started drawing again ( I stopped smoking, yay me!) and it helps. 70 days now x
    I use a programme on my ipad called draw question where the give you a daily challenge. I though too, have an airbrush, I have used it during my career as a makeup artist to apply cosmetics, airbrush onto nails, temporary tattoos, sfx make up and children’s face painting. I’ve yet to use it for anything other than that an have ben thinking lately of hope I can use it to create art or even decorated my prostheses!
    You hang in there, great building blocks have been laid in 2013 for a great 2014 for you.

    • Thank you Lindsey for your comment and your kind words kind words. I’m pleased it was my blog you found first as you have helped me with your support and comments. I’m glad that you have been able to take something from my blog and its people like you who keep me writing, especially at the moment when I’m really struggling to keep it going. I’m so pleased to hear you have stopped smoking and after 70 days I hope you never go back to it. I found it easy to stop both times I gave up but I know that it can be immensely difficult for some people. Are you employed now? If not what would you like to do? In a selfish way I hope not that many people read thins comment as what I’m about to say was secret squirrel. People know I want to start my own business as an airbrush artist but I want to specialise in Prosthetic art. The idea came about when I did the phoenix on my socket with the marker pens the other year and have been working towards all this time. If you are just getting back into art again and have that talent then you should use it. there is a big demand for makeup artists at the moment, especially the nail artwork, it would be a lucrative business and you can work around the issues (hospital appointments, bad days etc. etc.) of being an amputee. Lets hope 2014 is kind to both of us and we can continue to help one another along the way :)

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