Another informative day

Tuesday 21st January

The Infection Team were back and asked me if the psychiatrist had seen me the day before, I said that I hadn’t but no specific days had been arranged. They also asked me if I was tolerating the antibiotics, which I seemed to be. From the blood tests the LFT’s (Liver Function Test) came back OK and I asked again about the Iron levels. Apparently it can take a month to get the levels back to where they should be. The reason they are doing the Endoscopy is because I’m so young, they want to check the gut to make sure there is no bleeding from ulcers or anything like that. After the amount of medication I have taken over the years, especially the anti-inflammatories, it’s a concern that ulcers may have developed as a result. They asked me how I was pain wise, I told them I’d been banging on about how loose the cast was for about four days and how much pain it was causing me as there was no support. They had a look and when they saw for themselves they completely understood what I was saying.

When the Orthopaedic Team came round I told them how I’d suffered for 5 days because of how loose the cast was. They said that in a way they were pleased because that means that the swelling had gone down, which is what they wanted to see. They told me the cast would come off the next day for ‘the great unveiling’. They would see if the stitches could come out and what they would decide to do next. I asked them why they had used stiches this time and not the clips, which is the usual preferred method. Apparently the clips can only stay in for two weeks and then they are obliged to take them out, stitches can stay in indefinitely so if the wound needed longer to heal then they could leave the stitches in. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

What To Expect When The Cast Comes Off

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