The beginning of another Hospital week

Monday 20th January

Orthopaedic team, I explained I’d had a bad weekend especially on the Sunday evening. I had the muscle tightening thing more severely than I’d ever had. I took some Oxynorm at about 21:00 but it was too late the damage was done, I suffered for 2 hours straight and it wiped me out. This of course just made the top of the tibia area even more painful than it already is. It was self-inflicted really, I was so tired and slept nearly all of Saturday because of the medication, I tried not taking the Oxynorm during Sunday and I think that’s what did it. From Friday I’d started telling them that the cast was coming loose, not effective and causing me pain. I asked if the cast could come off and go back in to the splint, they said that they would ask the Registrar, no one came back to me.

When the Infection Team Registrar came by I asked if the LFT’s (Liver Function Test) from the blood test were OK, they told me that they were OK at the moment, just another thing that’s been an Issue since this all started back in January. I’d had a blood test that morning and I mentioned it would be interesting to see what the Iron levels were like now. She questioned why I’d asked her about them and I said that I’d been told I had an Iron deficiency, backed up by the Doctor on the team.

I told the Infection Team that the other week the Community Nurse took a prescription to my house for me. My Dad explained that I was in Hospital and that I’d rung the office to let them know that they didn’t need to come to take blood. The item on the prescription was something I’d never had before and when I looked it up it turned out to be Iron tablets. The Registrar said it’s prescribed for anaemia, which the majority of the patients here have because infection causes it. They’re not worried about it in here unless the levels go below a certain point, as that can indicate there is bleeding from somewhere. She asked the Doctor what the levels where then told her to book me in as an inpatient for an endoscopy, to see if they can locate the problem. Great! Something else to look forward too, not!

Iron Deficiency

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