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On the afternoon of Friday 21st February I was bathed in the glorious sunshine that was streaming through the window next to me. I’d planned to do some Cadet stuff on the PC but at 14:00 I started getting a really bad headache. Not long after that I started to feel sick then I started […]

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The beginning of another Hospital week

Monday 20th January Orthopaedic team, I explained I’d had a bad weekend especially on the Sunday evening. I had the muscle tightening thing more severely than I’d ever had. I took some Oxynorm at about 21:00 but it was too late the damage was done, I suffered for 2 hours straight and it wiped me […]

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Reflection time again

Today is a day for reflection again, why, because it is two months to the day I had my surgery. To be honest it actually feels like I have been an amputee for longer than that but Christmas may have had something to do with it. I think I have come on in leaps and […]

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