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X-ray and Aspiration

After what felt like an eternity of talking to what seemed like a brick wall, I suddenly made a breakthrough. I’d been telling both the Orthopaedic and Infection Teams that I was in a lot of pain, I’d had some puss discharge from the original abscess hole, been going backwards with how much I could […]

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From one Hospital to another

Thursday evening I was shuffling along the bed to try and transfer onto my wheelchair, so I could go to the toilet. I’ve been using a commode most of the time but every now and then preferred to use the toilet. I got my leg laying along the edged of the bed when all of […]

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A big update

Wow, has it really been that long since I last did a blog post? Either I’m slacking, there has been nothing much happen or I’ve been busy. I think it’s a bit of everything really, let me do a bit of catching up and tell you what’s been happening. The Job Centre are helping me […]

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