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X-ray and Aspiration

After what felt like an eternity of talking to what seemed like a brick wall, I suddenly made a breakthrough. I’d been telling both the Orthopaedic and Infection Teams that I was in a lot of pain, I’d had some puss discharge from the original abscess hole, been going backwards with how much I could […]

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MRI results

I’ll start by apologising for being a bit quite the last week or so as I haven’t felt brilliant or done anything worth talking about. I must admit I have been a bit nervous in the run up to today and a little frustrated it has taken so long. My Consultant arrived at roughly the […]

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Ely Parade

It’s all been rather quiet and I’ve mainly been recovering from the physio session from hell the other week. Yes it really has taken that long for my back and knee to recover and I can’t believe all that pain came from stretching exercises. Of course I did my patriotic bit and watched the Jubilee […]

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