The Leo gets a Lion


Medication wise I am now on more Morphine than when I came in and we are reviewing the possibility of increasing the Amitriptyline for the nerves and cramping, bring it on. I am actually disappointed the we have had to up the medication but as the pain specialist said it is better to increase it and get on top of it and come off it later than to be in pain, which of course is right. I am just so desperate to get this right but I feel like I am treading a tightrope, I suppose I just have to be guided by the professionals.

Jan came round again for another set of exercises. We did it the other way round today with exercises first, out in the chair for lunch and then back to bed. Of the two that I couldn’t do yesterday I decided to try one today. The exercise ‘Leg Extensions’ consisted of laying on your stomach and lifting the operated leg up off the bed. Well you should have been there, both cot sides were up on the bed and I decided to try and turn myself over the non operated side (I tried it the other way last time and failed miserably). I had to shift myself as far to the left side (as I lay in it) of the bed as possible then grabbing hold of the monkey bar and right cot side to try and heave myself over. After a few fits and starts with the cramp on the way I managed to make it onto my side. Knackered already I had a small pit stop and then had the problem of getting my right arm from underneath me so I would be on my stomach. After a few different attempts at being a contortionist I managed to get my arm out and there I lay puffing and panting like some beached whale in the middle of the bed. I should think the scene, if viewed, would look not to dissimilar to a baby trying to get on its belly in its cot, just smaller scale. So after the three reps at the count of five I had the same process but in reverse to get back on my back! Getting in position to do the exercise’s was harder work than the exercises themselves.

My first visitor of the day was the Regimental Sergeant Major of Cambs ACF, I would have sprung to attention but would probably have hit the roof with a spasm, I am sure under current circumstances he didn’t mind. It was a lovely surprise to see him and he had bought me a box of chocolates and a photography magazine which was very thoughtful of him. We had a lovely chat and my parents turned up too so we all had a bit of a laugh which was really good but the time came all too soon when he had to go.

My best friend Fern came today, she looked really well and it was soooooo great to see her. She too came bearing gifts first was a lovely looking home made chocolate cheesecake with armareto (which I have decided I will treat myself with tomorrow afternoon) and a fairy cake that her partner had made. On a cold dark autumn evening I was transported back to summer as I ate my Red Leicester Ploughman’s with orange juice and ice cream, mind you in this room with the radiator cranked up to, can’t leave your hand on it, it is like the Caribbean in here. Following this pleasant tea I decided that the fairy cake was calling so I promptly ate it. It was lovely, I can’t remember the last time I had one, it was tasty, moist and light & fluffy. Top Marks were awarded and I enquired where the rest of them were. My star sign is Leo and Fern had bought me this lovely soft fluffy lion that you can nuke in the microwave to warm up. She told me that she thought that when my lonely foot gets cold I can warm it up with the lion. I am sure it would feel lovely and cosy with the lion cuddling my foot but I just get the feeling he is too lovely to use. I will try and eek out the big bar of Galaxy but I don’t give it long.

In the evening another friend (also an Instructor with Cambs ACF) came to visit and yes she was armed with gifts too. First was one of those helium balloons which is very colourful and has ‘Get Well Soon’ on it, well you wouldn’t expect any other wording on it really would you. I have to try and remain grown up and not suck the helium out of the balloon and talk like a Smurf. I do like the balloons though and have never had one before so I was quite excited to get it, I am such a child. Then came another Monkey, soft, brown, fury and proper chimp looking he’s great and settled in with the rest straight away. Last but by no means least was a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Now two of my cousins were talking about these a while back on Facebook and I have really wanted to try them. I have been scouring the supermarkets for ages and not seen them anywhere, she must have been telepathic to get them for me. Again I thought about spreading these out over a couple of days but there are only three in the pack and I don’t think they are that big, I sense these will be moorish and will probably polish them off in one sitting.

Now all these gifts are absolutely lovely, I will enjoy all of them and I am very grateful for them but I wouldn’t have minded if they had all come empty handed. For me the greatest gift from all my visitors is that they had given up their time to come and visit me and that is more precious than any gift. Of course the problem now is I have a Baxterbear (complete with poppy that came from home), Buttons Monkey (which again came from home) and two monkeys & lion (with no name) making up a menagerie at the bottom of my bed. I can see me ending up sleeping in the chair!

Please remember that I am happy to talk about any aspect of what I have been through so far, so if your curious about phantom pain, or want to know how I felt before I had the surgery then please feel free to contact me.

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