A day when nothing got done

After the last two hectic days I had a free day, a day for getting stuck into the projects I have to do, right, wrong! I had a lay in this morning which I needed to recharge the batteries a little bit. I haven’t been sleeping amazingly well and don’t really rest or lay down during the day. The phantom pain starts early evening and gets worse as the evening progresses, by the time I get to bed the stump is jumping away with the nerves and I get vice like pain in my ankle and toes. The problem is when you get home from Hospital there is no real guide and unless you remember to ask a physio or someone then how do you know what you should be doing. I think as Jan used to say to me in Hospital, go with the flow, as long as you don’t over do it on a good day.

So a free day to get in with my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject2012 which has to be postmarked back by the 31st January. I just didn’t get round to doing any of it again but get side tracked with Facebook, email etc. etc. I thought that coming off some of the morphine (still on some) would help me concentrate more. I suppose the still large quantity of medication is having an effect but obviously I have to reduce them slowly which is so frustrating. I was going to say there is still tomorrow but I am running out of tomorrows to get this stuff done in. I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow so I must get my head down and get stuck in.

I did put my leg on today and while drying up I tried to do the exercises I was given. Two things came from that, the first is it really is cutting into my groin and is exceptionally painful and two, it is causing pain in my right hip. The hip thing could be where I have not been walking properly for years rather than an issue from the new leg but it is something I need to talk to both the physios and the prosthetist on Friday. I have absolutely no idea how you can manage to go to the toilet with it on ( note to self, find another female above knee amputee and ask how they manage) but I am sure there is a method.

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