You just don’t realise

If anyone is a regular reader and read the ‘Medication Mayhem’ post I mentioned about not being able to get into a well know chemist in our Hight Street. Today a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to sign a petition entitled ‘Ban booking assistance on trains’. I started to read the post further to find out that the elderly and disabled have to book assistance on and off trains in advanced, the suggested time is at least 24 hours ahead of the journey. I had absolutely no idea that this was the case and couldn’t really believe what I was reading. As a wheelchair user I was straight on the link and signing the petition, especially as the Government is always trying to encourage people to use public transport. At tea this evening me and my parents pondered this some more and we agreed that most public transport is not very, if at all, accessible to wheelchair users, especially if they are on there own. I have only been a wheelchair user for a short time and it is incredible the things you have difficulty with be that personally, around the home, in public, shop etc.etc. I am middle aged, reasonably fit, resourceful and determined so I will find ways around things, adapt, use the internet, etc. to manage but most of the time my parents or friends are about to help me. Many, many people, especially the elderly who are on their own, are not so lucky and it is not until you find yourself with a disability that you realise just how lacking the UK is in providing support for the disabled community. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) is supposed ensure that disabled people have access to goods, services and facilities including larger private clubs and land based transport services. Next time you are out and about have a look around you and imagine you where in a wheelchair see if the places you visit have access and facility’s for disabled people and I am sure you will find there are more places that do not comply with the DDA than do. You never have to think about it, I didn’t before the surgery but now I am in a wheelchair you just don’t realise how many difficulties there are with everyday life.

If you would like to sign the petition you can at

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